Power Rangers: Evil Rangers, Ranked

Since the introduction of Tommy Oliver as the evil green ranger, Power Rangers has attempted to relive that plot point. Some have done it well and some have failed miserably. In the 25 years of Power Rangers history, there have been plenty of bad rangers, but they aren’t necessarily evil.

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For this list, there has to be a criterion for what constituted evil rangers. There will be no putties or clones since they would take over the whole list. Additionally, each ranger on this list had to stay evil until their demise or loss of powers, so Trent the White Dino Thunder Ranger and the Thunder Ninja Duo don’t make it on this list either. The number of Rangers killed and impact on fans do factor into the ranking.

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10 Robo-Ranger Army/Cyborg Rangers

The Robo-Ranger Army and the Cyborg Rangers are exactly what they sound like. Robots meant to take on the rangers. The Cyborg Rangers started as a unit designed by Lightspeed Headquarters as a replacement for the human ranger team. Due to a malfunction, they turned against all humans and attempted to kill the rangers, only to be destroyed themselves.

The Robo-Ranger Army are a different creation all together since they are tied to the morphing grid. Their powers derive directly from the morphing energies of the captured rangers during the events of Super Ninja Steel. The combined forces of multiple generations of rangers were required to beat them down.

9 Crash and the Creeps

Crash and the Creeps are the weirdest entry on this list. Beginning as the members of Turbo Pink Cassie’s band, this group of villains are just rock-stars going for their break. Their hit song “Confusion” messes with the concentration of the rangers and the rest of the teens of Angel Grove.

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The designs for the group are adapted from the Boso Sentai Zokuranger from Gekisou Sentai Carranger. The biggest difference between these are their costumes. While morphed, Crash and the Creeps do not share uniform like suits, rather each has its own theme with Crash being a warrior and the rest based on various animals. Perhaps the most interesting is that Pink Creep is the first male pink ranger seen on television in America.

8 Ranger Sentries

First appearing in Boom Studios’ Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comic, the ranger sentries have played a large part in the events of the comics. Since their powers are born out of the morphing grid, they are rangers. When the original rangers fell to Lord Drakkon, he took their powers and turned normal soldiers into super soldiers.

While the original set only consisted of Mastodon, Sabretooth, Pterodactyl and Tyrannosaurus sentries, these were later expanded. The new sentries included Green Zeo, Silver Space, Jungle Fury Rhino, Blue Samurai, and Dino Charge Gold Sentries, covering the whole color wheel of rangers, save for purple. They are directly responsible for the deaths of many civilians.

7 Dark Rangers

The Dark Rangers actually have two incarnations. The first was introduced in the second season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. The group, comprised of Justin, Bobby, Zane, Kristen, and Trina, and was formed by Lord Zedd. Their introduction into the series was as bullies at Angel Grove High. Their suits were a cheap version of the original costumes, with a giant Z symbol on the chest. They were eventually depowered.

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The second team of Dark Rangers was also formed by Lord Zedd. This team was comprised of criminals from around the world. Their suits were the same as the original suits worn by the rangers. The story abruptly ends as the White Tigerzord suddenly appears, though no one was piloting it. It is mentioned later that the Dark Rangers were defeated.

6 Psycho Rangers Red, Blue, Yellow, Black

The Psycho Rangers are well known by this point in Power Ranger history. First appearing in Power Rangers: In Space, the Psycho Rangers proved themselves in battle. While each of the Psychos gets their own moments, Red, Blue, Yellow, and Black seem to be not as powerful as two of their teammates.

The only reason they end up losing against the Space Rangers is their lack of teamwork. Luckily when they return in Lost Galaxy, they work together. Unfortunately, the Power Rangers do the same, using the combined might of the Space Rangers and the Galaxy Rangers, these four were taken down.

5 A-Squad

Throughout the season of Power Rangers: SPD, viewers were told about the amazing exploits and heroism of the A-Squad. When they are met near the end of the season, they are confirmed to be traitors to SPD and their fellow rangers.

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Led by the first on-screen female red ranger, the team made their cause known. They weren’t under a spell or brainwashed. They were evil pure and simple. The B-Squad heroes were able to capture the team and send them to prison. They would return for Power Rangers: Hyperforce, only to cement themselves as an anti-rangers team.

4 Rita Repulsa

The 2017 movie, Power Rangers, introduced a new version of Rita Repulsa, portrayed by Elizabeth Banks. This version was on the same team as Zordon and acted as the Green Ranger. Termed the Cenozoic Rangers, the former team was protecting the Zeo Crystal until Rita turned on them. In the end, she killed four of her teammates, almost killing Zordon.

When she is awakened in the present, she wastes no time trying to find the Zeo Crystal. The new rangers of Angel Grove come together against Rita, only to lose their version of Billy Cranston in the process, though only for a brief moment. With five ranger deaths under her belt, plus the dozens of citizens she is shown to kill, she is truly a deadly enemy.

3 Psycho Green

Continuing with the green trend, Psycho Green was introduced during a flashback in Boom Studios’ Mighty Morphin Power Rangers issue 20. Created by Dark Specter to release Rita from her slumber, Psycho Green is easily one of the deadliest foes any team has ever faced.

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His ranger career began as the Green Supersonic Ranger. He eventually was corrupted to become Psycho Green and was forced to kill his whole team before entering a stasis mode on the moon. When he returned, he fought and killed three rangers from the 1969 Mighty Morphin Team, leaving only Grace and Terona alive and bringing his kill count to 8.

2 Psycho Pink

While not as murderous as Psycho Green, Psycho Pink is higher on this list due to her impact on the series. She was technically the first villain to contribute to the death of a ranger. While she wasn’t directly responsible, Kendrix’s death was Psycho Pink’s fault and fans ran with that.

After her whole team got destroyed for the second time, Psycho Pink took on a new quest. Revenge against the rangers was her goal. She set off to find the Savage Sword, a weapon of great power. With the sword in hand, she drives it into Cassie Chan’s Space Morpher, causing massive shockwaves that hit Terra Venture. Psycho Pink goes down in battle, but not before allowing Kendrix to die along with her.

1 Lord Drakkon

No other ranger can come close to the evil things that Drakkon has done, especially since they probably worked for Drakkon at some point. An alternate universe version of Tommy Oliver that never overcame his evil powers, Lord Drakkon attacked the multiverse to become the ruler of all.

Drakkon’s methodical take-down of the cities and heroes from various times and universes makes him tactically great and easily surpasses any other entry on this list. His powers are also stronger than all other rangers combined since, in the end, he had the morphing grid access from over a dozen morphers. In addition to the multiple Tommy Olivers he killed, he also has killed Power Rangers from different realities, not to mention the millions of regular humans he has also killed as a ruler and invader.

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