Power Rangers Cut Scene Reveals Another Green, Pink Ranger Cameo

Though fan-favorite Power Ranger Tommy "Green Ranger" Oliver had no role in March's Power Rangers movie, audiences did get a taste of the icon in the form of a cameo by original actor, Jason David Frank. Now, ahead of the June 27 DVD and Blu-ray release date, Frank has posted a deleted scene that was supposed to have been featured in the film.

In the scene, Kimberly (Naomi Scott) and Trini (Becky G.), the Pink and Yellow Rangers, are using their new superhuman skills to tease who gets the last bite of food in a coffee shop. Their shenanigans draw the attention of two other customers, Jason David Frank and Amy Jo Johnson, the original Green and Pink Rangers from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers TV show.

In the film, the two actually cameo in the crowd after the film's final battle. This deleted scene, which will be on the home release, is quite a bit more intimate and amusing.

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Interestingly, another deleted scene also went up today over at CinemaBlend. That one hints at a romance that would definitely get purist fans of Tommy and Kimberly up in arms had it actually been included in the film. Though, with recent remarks from the cast that the Green Ranger could presumably be female if the writers changed the character's gender, that deleted scene could still play out in a sequel.

As of yet, there is no confirmation on whether Lionsgate will greenlight a second film, especially considering the first only brought in $140 million worldwide. Power Rangers is available for streaming June 13 and will be out on DVD and Blu-ray with deleted scenes on June 27.

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