Power Rangers: The 10 Craziest Things To Happen During Shattered Grid


Power Rangers has an amazing draw power that has enabled the series to remain popular for over two decades. While people who are a bit older have moved on, the franchise still holds the interest of both the younger fanbase and the diehard fans who’ve been there since the beginning.

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The “Shattered Grid” storyline was a tribute to the franchise’s longevity and featured a Multiverse crossover between the Power Rangers seen across multiple series’. It was epic in scale enough to bring back the fans the franchise had once lost, by featuring a crazy storyline that honored the glory days. In this list, by “Crazy”, we mean the events that had fans reach with shock and awe more than anything else.

10 Tommy Oliver Becoming Lord Drakkon

This is a point for those who aren’t aware of the “Shattered Grid” storyline. Let’s be honest, a lot of the fans of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers didn't keep in touch wit the newer series', which is why this crossover event will be most intriguing to them.

The story has to do with Tommy Oliver – the symbol of ultimate goodness – becoming the evil Lord Drakkon. The plus side is that this is an alternate universe, so the Tommy we know is still good. However, the fact that Tommy Oliver of all people became the ultimate evil in the Multiverse is bonkers to fathom.

9 The Killing of Zordon and Jason Scott

That’s right, this version of Tommy was ruthless to the point that he slew his own best friends in his quest for total control. A flashback revealed that Drakkon had killed the Jason Scott of his world – he did so by fusing the powers of both the Green and White Ranger, the result of which was brutal to say the least. There was nothing other than the Red Ranger helmet remaining after the fight.

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Drakkon followed this up by killing several more integral characters, the most significant of which being Zordon. Not only did he end him, he did so without any semblance of remorse.

8 Kimberley Denying Tommy

This has nothing to do with Drakkon or any kind of universe-shifting fight, but something that highlighted major problems in the relationship between Tommy and Kimberley. We’ve gotten so used to the idea of these two being the ultimate couple that it was hard to believe that Kimberley denied Tommy from kissing her.

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What makes this more of an issue is that these two were the Prime universe versions of the characters, meaning the problems in their relationship was completely canon. Although this was presented as their first date, you’d think one kiss wouldn’t have been such a deal breaker for Kimberley. She did return to complete kiss, but it didn't hide how there were some deeper issues there.

7 Lord Drakkon Stabbing Tommy

Now this is where things took a fanboy level of turns. We all love watching separate universes collide, and this was the opportunity to see Tommy Oliver of the Prime universe interact with Lord Drakkon. Every major fan out there would be ecstatic to see such a crossover happening.

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And yet, the interaction was so brief that it was a wonder how quickly Drakkon got the job done. We didn’t get any big standoff; it was Drakkon simply driving the sword straight through Tommy’s spine. After collecting fan interest for such a big confrontation, it was a crazy swerve to have Drakkon make this an ambush rather than a fight.

6 Tommy's Death

Since we’ve seen Tommy return time and again after his supposed death or his hiatuses from being a Power Ranger, we didn’t think he would really be gone so soon after Drakkon’s attack. However, this was exactly what happened, as Drakkon driving his blade into Tommy turned out to be all there was to the ambush.

Tommy wouldn’t get an opportunity to get a shot in, and would collapse to the ground as a result of that terrible attack. Tommy’s death wasn’t without cause, though, as Drakkon absorbed the energy from the former into the Chaos Crystal in his possession. After he was gone, we were left to mourn Tommy’s demise with Kimberley.

5 Drakkon Eliminating The Samurai Rangers

We had to see just what Drakkon was capable of as he continued collecting more power in his arsenal, and the best course of action for the writers here was to show him beating another team of Power Rangers.

This occurred when the Samurai Rangers attempted to intervene, only to be beaten handily. While they weren’t killed (as many would’ve feared), they were still captured, meaning that Lord Drakkon wasn’t going to be messing around in one place and had other plans. He followed up by handing further defeats to ensuing heroes, but the Samurai Rangers' defeat established Drakkon as the Big Bad.

4 Brand New Megazord

Take a long, hard look at this Zord if it’s giving you goosebumps, because it's a comic book exclusive that will never appear again. The finale saw the Rangers in desperate need of their Zords to combat Drakkon and his sentries, and Jen Scotts came up with the plan to merge all the Zords that were still active to create this “Mega Megazord”.

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The Zord was massive. It combined the Zords of more than several Rangers across time, and the cool thing is that they were all compatible with one another. The Megazord was then used to finish off Sepentera, and the Rangers themselves were so awestruck they couldn’t even come up with a name for it.

3 Drakkon Destroying The Multiverse

All the efforts of the heroes were for naught, though, as Lord Drakkon would still emerge victorious. He became quite possibly the first villain in franchise media to actually get the job done and create a universe of his own, as Drakkon destroyed all of the Multiverses as he intended.

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Drakkon would then make himself a Superman-like figure in his own universe where the laws of time and space obeyed him. It was an incredible change from the usual Power Rangers formula of always having the villain lose, and we couldn’t believe it was actually happening.

2 Drakkon's Parents Are Zordon And Rita Repulsa

The most uncomfortable thing about the whole story wasn’t that Drakkon ended up winning, but that his manufactured world was something no one would’ve seen coming. Evidently, Drakkon’s idea of the Superman life had him be like Clark Kent, with his parents being played by (you definitely wouldn’t have guessed it) Rita Repulsa and Zordon!

It was a bizarre sight to see, as the “family” had a normal dinner where Rita even prepared a special pie for Drakkon, who called Rita “mom”. Add to that, Drakkon even fed his ego by having the newspaper read by Zordon flashing the headline “Drakkon The Glory Road”.

1 Tommy Returns By Breaking The Barrier

Fans were hoping with all their life that the entire story would be fixed before the final pages, and their pleas were mercifully answered as our hero Tommy was never truly gone. It turned out Tommy’s essence had always been inside Drakken, and he literally shattered the barrier containing him with a powerful punch.

Fans got the fight to beat all Power Ranger battles, as Tommy and Drakon engaged in a highly mental bout. The end to this even saw Classic Tommy Oliver in display, with him wanting to help Drakkon out of the latter’s collapsing world, as a sign of his purity. However, Drakkon was gone forever as he remained back in his dying world. It was an over-the-top, deliciously crazy crossover event coming to a fitting close.

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