Power Rangers Cosplayer Surprises Boyfriend With Epic Proposal

"The couple that cosplays together stays together."

Okay, so that's not a saying yet but James Reese and Anthony Grillo might just make it a thing. The couple loves rocking the costumes from pretty much every iteration of "Power Rangers," and now Anthony has ensured that they'll be suiting up together until death do they part.

During a video shoot, Anthony broke formation while standing back to back with his boyfriend and took a new stance -- one that involved getting down on one knee. KevinTheDirector caught what happened next in a truly epic manner, giving the audience a 360-degree view of James' reaction as the couple celebrated the next step in their life together.

In the Facebook post, James wrote: "You guys know that Anthony and I never do anything mediocre, we always have to be over-the-top! So, with that said, he had to make sure that the next step in our lives was more than special, it had to more Morphinominal! Anthony got down on one knee, in his ranger suit to ask me to be his forever ranger! Today, we are [announcing] our engagement! I said yes! Rangers Together, Love Forever!"

Now the next step: figuring out which suit to wear at the wedding. Congrats, James and Anthony!

(via Cosplay.Kotaku)

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