It's Morphin' Time: 15 Things We Want to See in Power Rangers 2

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"Power Rangers" recently debuted in theaters to many eager fans and newbies to the series alike. For a reboot of a beloved '90s kids show, many were tentative on how its return to the big screen would go over. However, the movie turned out to be a surprisingly good mix of nostalgia from the original and sleek new style.

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Now that the series has been firmly reestablished in the cinemascape, folks are excited for what the next films may hold. The new rangers have a slew of unique things they bring to the table in the new foray, as well as a number of smart changes to the original story and lore to make it a fresher take. We at CBR are similarly stoked for the next Rangers film, and count down a few things we'd like to see in the sequel.


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Goldar attack in "Power Rangers"
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Goldar attack in "Power Rangers"

In the film, Rita works to revive her precious servant Goldar. The sorceress builds the several stories tall creature out of gold ore and sets him upon Angel Grove. Goldar wreaks havoc on the small fishing town, destroying everything in search of the Zeo Crystal. Nothing escapes the monster's destruction, including the coveted Krispy Kreme. Once the Rangers step in with their zords, the creature is put down for good, but not without a lot of damage caused to the city.

Presumably in the next "Power Rangers" film, the action will take place with a little time passed. The teens will likely still be in high school, so it's fair to guess it won't be years time, but rather closer to a few months' gap. If that's the case, it would be good to see the actual collateral damage from the incident. Angel Grove in the show always seemed rebuilt within days time after the super-powered punch ups, but with this new take, it's time to reflect the people that are affected by these crazy mech battles.


Naomi Scott as Kimberly in "Power Rangers"

One of Kimberly's sticking points in the movie is her guilt over her past actions. She ended up in detention over decking a fellow student, which was revealed later to be the end result of her sharing a nude photo of her friend with other kids as a mean prank. Kimberly talks with Jason about the ordeal, feeling guilty about her actions and thinking she's to blame for their collective inability to tap into the morphing grid. Jason tells her to stop fretting about the past and forge her future as the person she truly wants to be.

Seeing as how Kimberly seems to take this advice to heart in the movie, it would be interesting to watch how exactly she goes about improving herself. Being a ranger may help fill that void and could cement her fresh outlook, but she may also double down in adjusting her high school persona as well. Who knows, maybe she'll start by reaching out to newer students to make them feel welcome in Angel Grove?


New rangers and Zordon in "Power Rangers"

Instead of the rangers being teleported to a remote command center, the group stumbles upon a long buried space ship housing Alpha-5 and Zordon. The ship is fairly large, housing not only the omnipotent mentor, but a morphing grid access point and holographic technology. Within the vessel, Billy sees a giant map of the universe and talks with Zordon about other worlds within it. The former ranger himself even appears to be an alien of sorts.

Given that many of the rangers in the movie feel less than happy about their current residency at Angel Grove (Jason and Kimberly agree to leave it together early on), this may be their chance to leave their town without completely cutting ties as its protector. There's plenty the group could learn from interstellar travel, including meeting new helpful or harmful species. Seeing the rangers taking the opportunity to explore other worlds would further the new lore that the film seems to be establishing so far.


Go Go Power Rangers

The newest team of "teenagers with attitude" focused a large portion of their 11-day time limit to physical training. They practiced in the Pit against holograms, as well as attuned themselves to the morphing grid and each other. Fighting was hard mastered for the lot of them, which makes it hardly surprising to see them struggle slightly when it comes to piloting the zords. Zack nearly tramples his team, Billy panics about which buttons to push and the entire Megazord topples in a heap on the first go.

Although a lot of their success with the mechs could be chalked up to adrenaline, teamwork and simple luck, the sequel could truly benefit from showing the team actually learn how to use their zords. Given how much time they dedicated to learning how to fight together physically, it would stand to reason that the rangers need more time to learn the delicate nuances of their specific bots. Once mastered, the fights involving the zords could be even more spectacular when they're truly moving in sync.


Dacre Montgomery as Jason in "Power Rangers"

In the newest film, Zordon and Alpha 5 have taken up residence in their long buried spaceship. In order to get to the vessel, the Power Rangers jump off the edge of a cliff, dive down into a small pool and navigate a cavern to even see it. They proceed to do this every day for the time they need to train or, as is the later case, ask for Zordon's direct help in a dire situation.

While the creative minds behind the film get huge points for remaining consistent with this method of entry as well as making the ship's location a well-buried secret, it's going to get tedious to see the teens continue to work like this in the sequel. Hopefully by the time the Goldar incident is settled, Alpha 5 can perhaps work on repairing the ship's functions and start teleporting the teens in and out quickly. It would certainly save on the rigmarole and let the Rangers get to work faster.


Power Rangers Intro

A slightly new change made for the film is that Zordon is depicted as a former Red Ranger. In the beginning of the movie, he is briefly seen in his armor before burying the Power Coins and directing a meteor to his position in efforts to kill Rita Repulsa. In the ship, Zordon encourages Jason to lead the team as he did, but also grows quickly frustrated with the slow progress the teens make in learning how to morph into their body armor.

This modification to the lore for the new movie opens up a lot of opportunities to dive into Zordon as a character. Seeing flashbacks to how he worked with his old team or maybe learned from a big mistake, could help lend credence to the advice he imparts upon the newer rangers. If done in small doses, this addition would give far more depth to the character well beyond his simple wall-shifting, order-barking self in the first film.


Ludi Lin as Zack in "Power Rangers"

As the Rangers struggle to tap into the morphing grid, Zack comes up with the idea for all of them to get to know each other. He tells his friends that he lives with his mom, who is terminally ill. Zack admits that he avoids going home some nights for fear of waking up to find his mom passed away in her sleep, but tells his fellow rangers that they have helped him feel a little more at ease about it all.

While it would be heartbreaking to see anything happen to his lovely mother, the fate of this parental figure could forge some strong, emotional moments for the team. Should his mother pass away in the sequel, Zack would obviously struggle with mourning and serving as a Ranger, which is where his teammates could come together in solidarity for their friend. More importantly, while some may see it as "fridging," it would show that the parents of the Rangers figure into their lives much more than they did in the original TV series.


Bill Hader voicing Alpha 5 in "Power Rangers"

Alpha 5 is suitably introduced as an excitable robot with plenty of defensive capabilities. He serves as a sort of fill-in for the misunderstandings between the new rangers and Zordon, as well as an exposition deliverer. Alpha is seen helping the teens train, even laughably telling them to "aim for the center mass" when fighting holographic putties. He had few connective moments with the Rangers, save for maybe inspiring them with the reveal of the zords they would soon pilot.

It's fair that Alpha had a somewhat reduced role in the film, as it was more so focused on rounding out the new ranger's personalities. Now however, is the perfect time for the loyal robotic aide to impart his several thousand years worth of wisdom, as well as his signature empathy for all of the teens who look to him for help. The sequel will hopefully give Alpha more time to bond with the new Rangers and fill out his role beyond a simple android servant. Plus, we could always use more of Bill Hader's humorous jibes.


Power Rangers BreakfastClub

Upon the destructive conclusion of "Power Rangers," Angel Grove's residents appear to be in full support of their new color-coded protectors. Some examples include Trini's younger siblings are overheard arguing which Ranger they could play as, and Jason's father keeps a newspaper article documenting the town's newest saviors.

Now that Rita is taken care of and Goldar is dispatched, it's any wonder if the Rangers will practice their day-to-day heroic activities for a time before the next big threat approaches. While it doesn't have to be as kitschy as creating a Clean Up Club to teach the importance of environmental protection, the second film could see the teens doing things that would better their city in some way. Even if it's as simple as trying to settle more bully conflicts or balancing school and ranger work, hopefully the team retains their sense of heroism and try to apply it to their out-of-costume daily life as well.


Naomi Scott as Kimberly and Dacre Montgomery as Jason kiss in "Power Rangers"

"Power Rangers" thankfully held off on featuring any romantic dealings on screen for its debut. That didn't stop it from planting a few seeds however. Both Jason and Kimberly appear to share an interest in one another early on in the movie. Also, during their introductions, Trini explained that she was a lesbian that struggled to see eye-to eye with her less-than-understanding parents.

Whether the spark between Jason and Kimberly actually leads anywhere remains to be seen. Still though, it would be good to see the rangers start building relationships outside of the team or within it. With the next film, Trini might tackle her own struggles with her parents and get a girlfriend, or Kimberly may end up falling for another one of the rangers. Simply put, though, this would enable some fantastic drama and maybe a smidgen of the romantic dynamic the original show carried (within a youth-friendly rating of course).


Power Rangers TeenHorror

After Rita lays waste to Angel Grove with the help of Goldar, she is significantly weakened by the rangers. She tells them she will not be the last to assault the Earth in search of the Zeo Crystal's power, to which Jason answers with a swift backhand courtesy of the Megazord. Rita flies into the far reaches of space, crystallizing in its cold embrace and floats aimlessly with the moon looming in the background.

Rita's origin may have been changed a bit in the newer film, but that doesn't mean she can't go back to the source material in her own ways. Perhaps after her first major defeat at the hands of the teenagers, Rita lands on the moon and sets up shop in secret. It doesn't have to be as opulent or ostentatious as her palace was in the show, but having her retain a base of operations on the moon would be a fantastic nod to the original TV series, and the next "logical" step for the character.


New Power Rangers suits in "Power Rangers"

When the Rangers successfully morph in the newer film, they debut strictly as hand to hand fighters. The only exception to this is Jason, who rocks a pretty cool sword as part of an arm gauntlet during an early fight with the putties. The Red Ranger returns the blade to the ship, to which Zordon protests that he'll need it, and Jason responds that he will return for it.

It stands to reason that the teens had a hard enough time mastering fighting techniques that diving into weapons too soon would be a little jarring. This glimpse into the unique power weapons each ranger used in the show however, was a great taste for what's ahead. Hopefully in the sequel the team could learn how to fight with their own special armaments, and maybe even form up the modular Power Blaster with them put together. It may be a bit cheesy, but the power weapons are much more than a simple nostalgic nod, they can strengthen the Rangers' arsenal when they inevitably come up against much stronger foes.


Becky G., RJ Cyler, Dacre Montgomery, Naomi Scott and Ludi Lin as the rangers in "Power Rangers"

Hearkening back to our earlier entry discussing Rita's last stand, she makes mention of others taking up her crusade to regain the Power Coins and the Zeo Crystal. With the existence of many different forms of life and planets in the universe revealed by Zordon, it's not hard to make the connection that there might be more bad guys from worlds far away coming to Earth eventually.

Lord Zedd in the original series was a skinless, gritty-voiced villain that struck terror in the rangers after banishing Rita for her ineptitude. He was ruthless, cunning and far less kooky than the sorceress was. Including Zedd in the sequel would be a step above the already fairly imposing threat Rita served as in the first film. He could easily step into the nemesis role while the sorceress is incapacitated in the vacuum of space, or building up her secret moon base. Zedd would be far more likely to commit subterfuge to undue the Rangers, rather than directly throwing monsters at them, which could add another dimension to the deadly foes the rangers must face.


Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa in "Power Rangers"

The latest reboot would have been far too early to introduce Tommy Oliver properly, but that didn't stop the film from hinting at the appearance of the next ranger. On top of Rita's origin as a Green Ranger and that fabulous cameo by Jason David Frank (the original Green Ranger in the TV series), there was a mid-credits scene alluding to the character. The audience is transported to a following day of many of the Rangers serving out detention, while the substitute teacher does a roll call. He calls out for Tommy Oliver, while the camera pans to an empty desk with a green jacket slung over the chair.

In the show, the Green Ranger posed a real threat to the team, thanks in part to his fighting prowess. Seeing how Repulsa actually owns the green Power Coin in the new movie, her creation of Tommy can be an easy transitioning of power. The next film is primed to have Oliver join the team, and spur the teens to some real questions regarding trust and forgiveness.


White Ranger Tommy Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

While the obvious setup is for Tommy to become the next Green Ranger, that's not the only Power Ranger mantle he donned back in "Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers." After his Green Ranger powers were drained to the point of total depletion, he was transformed, with some help from Zordon and Alpha 5, into the White Ranger. He was also given the magical talking sword, Saba.

It wouldn't be much of a stretch to see Tommy get his powers from the sword in a similar way that the other Rangers got theirs from the Power Coins in the film. It would also serve as an interesting way of messing with the audience's expectations without angering the fanbase too much by still staying relatively true to the source material. Another way they could realistically introduce the White Ranger would be to go back to his true power source, "The White Light of Good," as a means of purifying the Green Power Coin from Rita's corruption, meaning starting with Tommy as the Green Ranger and ending with him as the White Ranger.

Let us know in the comments what you hope shows up in the "Power Rangers" movie sequel!

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