Power Pack Pipes Up with Return in "Day One"

Created by Louise Simonson and June Brigman in 1984, the cult favorite Power Pack kids enjoyed a long-running series before becoming some of Marvel Comics' most beloved cult heroes, appearing variously across the publisher's line throughout the years. The anti-matter fueled children, born to Mr. and Mrs. James Power, Ph.D, are: Alex, 12, with powers over gravity; Julie, 10, able to reach super speeds; Jack, 8, with power over gas; and Katie, 5, with powers over energy.

Most recently, Power Pack has appeared in several well received all-ages comics, and that group is returning to in their own miniseries, "Power Pack: Day One," written by Fred Van Lente ("Incredible Hercules") with art by Japanese duo Gurihiru, who with Van Lente produced the all-ages "Fantastic Four & Power Pack: Favorite Son." Also featuring Marvel's all-ages version of Franklin Richards, Power Pack: Day One promises to be a fresh start for the fan-favorite super team, and for this very special interview, Power Pack teleported CBR News up to their space ship --known as Friday -- to tell us all about what else fans can expect in the new miniseries, issue #1 of which is on sale this week.

What brought you guys together? Tell our readers a little bit about yourselves and what you're here to do.

JACK: Dude, our mom brought us together.

ALEX: Like, you know… when she gave BIRTH to us.

JULIE: Eeeeeeeew! Don't talk about Mom like that!

ALEX: What? It's just biology.

JULIE: The idea of Mom and Dad getting all "biological" makes me wanna barf.

KATIE: What does "give birth" mean?

[long, awkward pause]

KATIE: Does it involve ponies?

JACK: Thanks. Thanks a lot, CBR guy.

JULIE: We'll tell you when we're interviewed when you're older, baby.

KATIE: But I wanna know now!!!

ALEX: Hey, let's take the second part of that question-We're Power Pack! Marvel's only all-kids super hero team! We were created by writer Louise Simonson and artist June Brigman in a comic book series that ran for a long time in the 1980's. Since 2005 we've been starring in a series of all-ages mini-series that are outside continuity that people seem to like.

JACK: "People" like 'em because continuity is for mouth-breathing nerds.

JULIE: But we never got an "origin story" for this version of Power Pack and so we're going to get one when our next miniseries, "Power Pack: Day One" starts. It retells the story of how we got our powers for this new generation of fans.

How will these new stories differ from your past adventures with Hulk, Wolverine, etc?

JACK: We don't have to share the limelight with those bozos! I mean don't get me wrong, Wolverine is cool and all, but because this is "all ages" he can't stab anybody or get all shot up and bloody and if he can't do that what's the point really? Hulk can't smash people's heads and Human Torch can't set people on fire.

ALEX: I don't think the Human Torch sets people on fire in the non-all ages books, either.

JACK: Pfft. His loss. Anyway, my point is that Day One is about just us trying to save our abducted parents and our planet from sleazy, no-good Snarks from outer space, just like in our original series, and we get to kick serious alien --

JULIE: "Butt." We have to say "butt" 'cause it's all-ages.

JACK: You serious? Aw, man. All-ages sucks.

JULIE: All-ages "stinks."

KATIE: Nuh-uh! Does not!

JULIE: Oh, you know what I mean.

Fellow Marvel Comics all-ager Franklin Richards is making an appearance in "Power Pack: Day One." What got you guys to include Franklin in your adventures?

JACK: Dude! Franklin Richards is my best bud, ever. He's the son of Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman from the Fantastic Four, you know? I met him when he transferred into my class at school but we had all these problems, like him with his parents and me with my fascist brother Alex-

ALEX: Hey!

JACK: -- and so we ran away from home, but Dr. Doom found out, so he hired-

JULIE: Slow down, Jack. Don't give away the entire plot to the "Fantastic Four & Power Pack: Favorite Son" miniseries. The digest trade is available in stores right now.

JACK: Oh? Oh! Yeah. Yeah! First you try to corrupt my little sister, now you're trying to trick us into giving away stories for free. Nice. Real nice, CBR dude. You proud of yourself?

Anyway, yeah, buy the "Fantastic Four & Power Pack: Favorite Son" digest, there you'll learn how Franklin joined the team.

Or not. Whatever. It's all good.

JULIE: And the same creative team that did FF&PP is doing Day One. Both were written by Fred Van Lente, who's doing "Incredible Hercules" with that "World War Planet Hulk" guy. I think he's cute. [giggles]

Hercules, I mean. Not Fred and Greg. (Sorry Fred and Greg! BFF!)

KATIE: And both books have pretty pictures by Gurihiru! Did you know Gurihiru is really two girls, Sasaki and Kawano, and they come from the same place Hello Kitty comes from and I've never met them before but I'm sure they're both beautiful and I would like them to draw me a pony, please.

You guys (and girls) seem to bicker an awful lot. What would you say keeps you all together even though you fight so much of the time?

JULIE: I keep asking for my own room but we live in a three-bedroom apartment in New York City and Mom says we just don't have the space. But Katie talks in her sleep all the time and asks me questions while I'm on the phone with my friends.

KATIE: Do not!

JACK: Once, I ran away from home and tried to form a hero team with just me and Frank Richards, but that didn't go too well.

ALEX: My dad once said you can choose your friends, but you can't choose your family. So we don't really have any choice but to put up with each other, I guess. But it's because of that, I think, that we got to work out our differences, in the end, you know?

Is there anything else you'd like our readers to know? Anything else you'd like to say?

JACK: "Farts."

ALEX: Nice. Real mature.

JULIE: Now no one is ever going to want to interview us again, Jack!!

JACK: Hey, what's the point of being a kid, in a kids' comic, if you can't cut loose and enjoy it?

KATIE: I want to say! I want to…



ALEX: She can be kind of shy. What is it Katie?


JULIE: Go on, baby.

KATIE: Farts!!! [giggles]

JACK: Bwha-hah-hah-hah!! Gimme five, Katie! That-a girl!

JULIE: I hate you. Seriously. I do.

After filing this story, CBR News contributor David Press was dropped off by Friday in the sewer gasses of Jupiter's moon, Titan. If you see him, please let us know.

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