Power Girl Vs Captain Marvel: Who Really Is The Strongest Woman In All Of Comics?

In the ultimate battle between DC Comics and Marvel Comics, let's find out what would actually win in a Power Girl vs. Captain Marvel scenario as they battle for the strongest female superhero in all of comics. In an alternate earth, Power Girl is the cousin of Superman, which means she was already born with the strength and powers to save the world. As the mightiest Avenger ever, Captain Marvel has cosmic powers that make her quite invulnerable as she flies off to her next adventure in outer space. Who will come out as the last person standing when these two fight?

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During her first appearance in All Star Comics #58, Kara Zor-L was escaping the destruction of her home planet of Krypton and heading directly towards Earth in her spaceship. Carol Danvers may have had other superhero names, such as Ms. Marvel and Warbird, but that doesn't make her any less amazing. Now that she's sticking with the name of Captain Marvel, Carol continues to play a significant role as the co-leader of the superhero team known as The Avengers. Though we want them to fight, enemies beware when they work together.

10 Superpowers (Advantage: Power Girl)

Carol Danvers was an ordinary human being when an extraordinary event happened. Carol's life was forever changed when she was hit by the Psyche-Magnitron device. The weapon unexpectedly rewrote her human DNA with Kree's, which is how her superpowers came about.

As a Kree/human hybrid, Carol was an unexpected accident that wasn't supposed to happen. A Kryptonian just like Superman, Power Girl was already born special with her superpowers because she came from a technologically advanced planet. Power Girl didn't need to get exposed by an extraterrestrial device like Captain Marvel.

9 Fighting Style (Advantage: Captain Marvel)

Since Carol is a former Air Force pilot, that would mean she would have to endure their military training. During her physical and combat training, Carol would have to learn firing positions and crawl through a sand course. Trained in boxing and karate, Kara learned how to throw a punch thanks to her instructor, Wildcat.

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Theodore "Ted" Grant, aka Wildcat, was a boxing champ before becoming a crime-fighter. Though she has superpowers, Kara wanted to push herself and learn the spiritual value of martial arts from her instructor, Mongo Krebs.

8 Better Costume (Advantage: Power Girl)

Carol has had many costumes over the years due to her name change and trying to figure herself out. For example, as Ms. Marvel, Carol kept her face hidden with a mask and wore a black outfit. As Captain Marvel, Carol wears a red, yellow and blue outfit. Sometimes, she chooses to wear a mask during her epic space battles.

Power Girl though has been consistent with her costume, which is a white bodysuit, blue gloves, and red cape. The opening in her suit's chest is a bit much, however.

7 Leadership (Advantage: Captain Marvel)

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Whether or not you agreed with her viewpoints, Captain Marvel lead half of the Avengers during the "Civil War II" crossover arc. Captain Marvel and Iron Man were at odds with each other when the Inhuman, Ulysses, predicted crimes of the future.

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Captain Marvel wholeheartedly believed she was trying to prevent upcoming catastrophes from ever happening, saving millions of lives in advance. She found other superheroes who shared her views and led them against Tony Stark's team. Power Girl is an important member of Justice League, but she doesn't take command in battle.

6 Flight (Advantage: Captain Marvel)

Carol has always wanted to fly to the skies and go beyond past the stars. She was very interested in applying to NASA to continue her dreams of exploring space. After becoming Captain Marvel, Carol finally accomplished her dreams and traveled far from Earth into outer space using her cosmic powers.

She has the uncanny capability to survive in the darkness of space, without needing an astronaut suit to help her breathe. Even though Kara can fly through in space, she does need a source of oxygen. Kara will feel fatigued after holding her breath for several hours.

5 Intellect (Advantage: Power Girl)

When she isn't saving the world and fighting crime, Power Girl runs her own business through her secret identity, Karen Starr. As the CEO of her own technology company, Starrware Industries, Karen has gained a mass fortune thanks to hiring a group of scientists and her research on rare minerals.

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Karen originally wanted her scientists to find a way to cross universes to Earth-2 so that she could return, but she gradually grew fond of her new home. Carol had dreams of a higher education but her father squashed them so that her brother could go to college instead.

4 Heat Vision (Advantage: Power Girl)

Because she has the extraordinary ability to absorb tons of energy, Captain Marvel is able to shoot photonic blasts from her hands. Of course, that's not as cool as being able to shoot powerful lasers from your eyes. Like her superhero cousin, Power Girl generates heat from her eyes and then fires beams upon command.

When she has a specific target, Power Girl aims and uses her heat vision to melt down objects or incapacitate an incoming enemy. Knowing how to control the temperature, Power Girl can increase the heat to an extreme and unbearable boiling point.

3 Speed (Advantage: Captain Marvel)

Faster than a speeding locomotive, Power Girl is able to accelerate her velocity to MACH numbers. Though she is unbelievably fast, this does not mean, Kara can travel than the speed of light like The Flash. Faster than the speed of sound, Captain Marvel can push herself to light speed in outer space.

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Just because Captain Marvel's speed matches with The Flash, that does not mean she can travel through time. Since neither of them are speedsters who can time-travel, this prevents them from messing with events of the past and future.

2 Sidekicks (Tie)

There was a certain time when Power Girl had teamed up with Harley Quinn due to her memory loss. Wanting someone to forget about her criminal past with Batman's arch-enemy, Harley Quinn claimed she was the best friend and sidekick of Power Girl.

Though it was a deception, Harley Quinn really wanted to be a heroine to someone close and was feeling lonely after her break-up with The Joker. An inspiration to little girls everywhere, Kamala Khan named herself after her favorite idol and received Captain Marvel's blessing as well.

1 Movie Stardom (Advantage: Captain Marvel)

Power Girl had her big spotlight in the animated adaptation of Superman/Batman: Public Enemies. Voiced by Allison Mack (Smallville), Power Girl comes to the aid of the dark knight and the man of steel when Lex Luthor abuses his power as the President of the United States.

Though she was in the Justice League Unlimited cartoon, Power Girl hasn't hit the big screen like Captain Marvel. Destined for bigger things, Captain Marvel took the lead in her own blockbuster movie and was portrayed by Academy Award winner Brie Larson (Room).

WINNER: Captain Marvel

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