Powell, Hester and Ross bring the King of the Monsters back to comics

Back in October IDW announced that they'd picked up the license to bring legendary movie star Godzilla back to comics. This week they shared a few more details on the book, including the creative team.

Arriving in March will be Godzilla: Monster World #1, written by Eric Powell and Tracy Marsh, with art by Phil Hester. Both Powell and artist Alex Ross will provide covers (you can find Powell's gatefold cover after the jump). And I thought this sounded fun: "Plus, retailers will be eligible for their very own cover - featuring Godzilla stomping their comic store." Monster World will also include appearances by some of Godzilla's friends, like Mothra and Rodan.

"To be able to launch a Godzilla series that features many fan-favorite Toho monsters never before seen in comics is gratifying enough," said Chris Ryall, IDW's chief creative officer, in the press release. "But to do it with the guiding hand and brush of Eric Powell -- as perfectly suited a creator as I could've hoped to come aboard here - along with Hester, Marsh, and Ross, is about as monstrous a line-up as I could've ever hoped for. What's more, this is just the first series to come in the line. The next one out of the gates features multiple Eisner-nominees and winners handling the creative, so we're well and truly just getting started here."


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