<i>Potter</i> Breaks Records After All

It may not have been able to beat The Dark Knight's opening box office take this past weekend, but that doesn't mean that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1 isn't a record breaker - as long as you're looking at the big picture.

Warner Bros. eagerly announced yesterday that the franchise's seventh movie grossed $16.1 million worldwide in IMAX theaters, making it the most profitable IMAX opening weekend in history. $11.8 million of that came from 239 IMAX screens in the US. The movie's total domestic gross this weekend of $125.1 million also makes it the most successful opening for any Potter movie to date, but expect that record to last only until the release of the next one, in June 2011 - Not only is it the conclusion to the entire series, but it'll also have a simultaneous IMAX and 3D release.

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