Potted Groot statue is terrifying, decked out for Christmas

While many of Marvel's licensing partners have seized upon the inherent cuteness of Guardians of the Galaxy's breakout star, Gentle Giant Ltd. has gone in a decidedly different direction with its new Groot statue, which hews closer to the character's comic-book roots that to his big-screen incarnation.

The result,  Potted Groot, is a bit unsettling, with his sinewy body, elongated arms and almost dragon-like face. However, Gentle Giant knows how to soften those harsh angles: with Christmas regalia!

Based on his depiction in the Guardians comic (after he was replanted by Rocket), this Groot statue comes with "interchangeable snow, a scarf, and Holiday lights to decorate one of the greatest trees of all time!" Set for release today, Potted Groot arrives a little too late for this Christmas, but pack those accessories away, and he's good year-round. Think of him as evergreen Groot.

The limited-edition statue (just 500 will be released) is available for $120.

(via Action Figure Insider)

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