Post-Con blues, and other assorted news

Another day, another guest artist on Scotch Corner:Today it's a massive gallery of work by the underrated Top Cow regular Matt Timson. My favorite is his take on Rom, Space Knight for a Bill Mantlo fund-raiser. As Matt points out, "in the comics, Rom was forever banging on about having given up his humanity to become a Spaceknight, but this was the first time I’d ever thought about what that actually meant - and the horror involved."

(Plenty more art and links below, not all of which is safe for work.)

This is the week where artists get home from Comic-Con International and start uploading the sketches and commissions they did while there. For example, Terry Dodson and Ben Caldwell have been posting already.

The new Dredd film was regarded as one of the big winners at the convention. One of the funniest things I've seen in ages is renowned Dredd superfan and cosplayer John Burdiss getting his photo taken in costume with Karl Urban at the London Film and Comic Con. Do click through to the link for more hilarious photography of assorted travesties of justice from the event.

The best place to see new Jamie Hewlett work on the web is on the Facebook page of his ex-partner in crime Alan Martin. I look at the stuff Martin has been showcasing there, remember Hewlett is now resident in France, and start hoping that agents from Dargaud, Casterman or similar are chasing after him waving massive checkbooks.

"Calamity" Jon Morris has some winningly altered pulp paperback covers altered over at his Tumblr.

We call it "summer"; musicians call it "festival season."  Warwick Johnson Cadwell took his family to Latitude last weekend, and they made a sketchbook of the occasion.

Craig Conlan has been posting one panel a day of his heartbreakingly cute Hairy Mary prequel comic for a while now as part of the 30 Days of Creativity initiative, and has now compiled them all together.  I'd recommend this tale of empowerment to any parent of little girls.

Just thought I'd point this out, because the Madefire trailer was one of the first examples of motion comics that didn't make me groan or roll my eyes, mainly because of the quality of contributors they've launched with (their launch was featured on Robot 6) -- they've posted an extensive Dave Gibbons interview you may have missed.

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