Possibly the Most Harmful Art I've Seen in a Comic

This week's issue of Uncanny X-Men (#510) possiby has the most harmful art to a story that I've seen in a comic.

I've seen plenty of comics with bad art.

I've seen plenty of comics where the artist was not a particularly good storyteller.

This comic, though, is pretty much one long extended fight sequence, and it was made darn near incoherent by Greg Land.

People speak often about the ethical issues of someone copying a drawing directly from an image, and thos concerns are likely fair enough, but when I think of Greg Land, my problems are not so much ethical ones, but the fact that his process results in terrible art and particularly terrible storytelling. When you only have a certain amount of poses to work with, you just can't tell the story the correct way. And when the characters all look more or less the same (as they're all based on the same small set of models/"actresses"), it just makes the book that much more incoherent.

It is stunning how much better this book is when the Dodsons are drawing it - then, the book is actually coherent, and Fraction's stories are given a chance.

Here, the story is absolutely killed by the art. Killed. Fraction didn't even have a chance with this comic (this is not to say that he is blameless for the story, but just that he did not have a CHANCE to make this a good comic book due to the art).

Such harmful artwork to the comic.

My problem with scans is that I can't just scan the whole book, ya know? And just showing one snippet doesn't really do it justice, but fair enough, here's a few pages...

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