Porter Takes Over "Justice League 3000" From Maguire

Following yesterday's announcement from Kevin Maguire that he had been fired off of the highly-anticipated "Justice League 3000," DC Comics has released that Howard Porter will take the art reins for the series debut and forward. The information came via Newsarama, who posted a statement about Porter's addition to the series from co-writer Keith Giffen.

"The guy who nailed the character designs on the interior of the book? The guy who teamed with Grant Morrison to make 'JLA' a hit? This is what they call a no-brainer," Giffen told Newsarama. "Welcome aboard Howard. I think this is the beginning of a beautiful collaboration."

Porter was already involved with the creation of "Justice League 3000," having created the redesigns for the futuristic superhero team.

"Howard's the best, I'll tell you. By the way, those were his first shots! His first shots out of the box, and we flipped!" Giffen said of Porter's designs after the series' announcement in June.

The artist change also comes with a delay in publication -- Giffen, Porter and J.M. DeMatteis' "Justice League 3000" #1 will now launch in December, rather than its originally solicited October release date.

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