Popular 'Kissing Chaos' character returns in December one-shot

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[Kissing Chaos - 9 Lives]Readers who venture to comic book shops this week and pick up the second KISSING CHAOS collection, NONSTOP BEAUTY, may be surprised to note that creator Arthur Dela Cruz has introduced a whole new section of the cast in volume 2-leaving behind the trio that kicked the comic book off in 2001. What they should be excited to know is that this isn't a permanent change, that Oni Press and the artist are working their way back to the characters that hooked everyone in, showing the connections between all the various elements that have come to play so far.

Following July's successful 1,000 WORDS one-shot, December's new comic, KISSING CHAOS: NINE LIVES, lets us in on what happened to Raevyn, arguably the fan favorite among the criminally minded teenagers. Last we saw the bespectacled beauty, she was being escorted away in handcuffs. But long-time readers know that Raevyn isn't one to take anything lightly-not even getting arrested. And new readers are in for a wild time!

"I'm being very conscientious to the fact that not everyone has started KISSING CHAOS at the beginning," Dela Cruz explained. "I tried to pull a balancing act between making the book read like a new story, that anyone could pick up, and giving fans of the series a little something to walk away with. Essentially I wanted it to be like an 'origin' story for Raevyn, and set up her character for the rest of the series. I'm hoping between what is said in this issue, the other one-shot, and all the other books, the past events of the comic are made somewhat clear, and that most readers will be closer to getting on the same page."

"Of course, every time we answer questions in KISSING CHAOS, we raise a few more," added Oni Press editor Jamie S. Rich. "This series is fueled by ambiguity. But we also don't want to consistently obscure without moving towards our final goal. We don't want to be a TWIN PEAKS. We actually know where we're going!"

"While Angela is the emotional center of the book," Dela Cruz said, "a lot of people really responded to Raevyn. I think we all like people who can put a strong face on, but yet have the same insecurities as the rest of us. NINE LIVES should really put her to the test, though. If you recall, she was the initial thief of the information that everyone has been after. They aren't likely to let her off easy."

KISSING CHAOS: NINE LIVES is a 32 page one-shot, featuring black-and-white story and art. It will be on sale in comic book stores on December 10, 2003, and retails for $2.99. It's suggested for mature readers.

Readers looking to sample KISSING CHAOS can read the very first issue at http://www.onipress.com, where it's available as a downloadable pdf in the Free Comic section. The original KISSING CHAOS trade paperback is still in print. The Diamond Star code is STAR16611 or the ISBN 1-929998-32-5.

And, as mentioned previously, volume 2 is hitting comics shops this week. KISSING CHAOS: NONSTOP BEAUTY collects all four issues, and it has an ISBN of 1-929998-64-3. Its Diamond order code is JUL032405.

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