Popular horror franchise Halloween terrorizes Devil's Due Publishing!

Publisher Adds the King of All Slashers to its Horror Line-Up

Official press release

Chicago, IL - July 23, 2007 - Compass International Pictures, Inc. and Devil's Due Publishing, Inc. join forces to launch a bone chilling comic book series based on the original Halloween movie!

With the 30th Anniversary of the Halloween franchise fast approaching, the property has enjoyed a long and healthy success, and Devil's Due Publishing is proud to be telling the new horrific tales of slasher Michael Myers. "We've done a number of horror titles in the past, and I love them all, but there's something extra special about bringing the original to the comic page," said Josh Blaylock, president of DDP. "He's the big daddy of hard-to-kill slashers."

Compass' Malek Akkad has been working closely on the new Halloween film to be released in 2008, but despite his busy schedule was personally involved in selecting Devil's Due for the property's new comic home. "Devil's Due has a track record for quality horror comics perfect for Halloween and we are working closely with them, said Akkad. "It is important to us to bring a sense of the original Michael Myers film to this series."

Look for creator announcements and more Halloween news in the weeks to come.

Devil's Due: Reminding everyone that pop culture IS our culture.


The compelling and gruesome story of Michael Myers and the people he seeks to terrorize has remained a pop culture hit since the first movie opened in 1978.


DDP's first breakout success was 2001's revamp of G.I. JOE, returning the long-lost 1980s characters to comics. The company not only ignited an '80s retro boom in the industry, but quickly diversified its line up, offering more popular licensed comics, as well as fan favorite original titles. Today, DDP's lineup includes Forgotten Realms, Dragonlance, G.I. Joe: America's Elite, FAMILY GUY, DemonWars, Lost Squad, Nightwolf and the cult favorite Hack/Slash. Devil's Due has two properties in line for motion picture development, and is poised to explode in the entertainment world in the near future.

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