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Popular game designer Monte Cook joins forces with DB Pro

by  in Comic News Comment
Popular game designer Monte Cook joins forces with DB Pro

Official Press Release

Writer Monte Cook is no stranger to fantasy, but the upcoming PTOLUS: CITY BY THE SPIRE comic book, which is being
published by Dabel Brothers Production (a.k.a. “DB Pro”) this spring, is his
first stab at graphic storytelling.

Not that Mr. Cook is worried – he’s a high-level writer with a well-rounded
skillset and an impressive number of accomplishments to his name. He was a
co-designer of the d20 game system and Dungeons & Dragons 3rd edition, and
he also created the combat system for the collectible superhero action
figure game HeroClix. He penned the famous Dungeon Master’s Guide and two
successful novels. And he founded popular publisher Malhavoc Press, where he
has released a number of player campaigns including the popular Arcana
Evolved and the upcoming Ptolus: City by the Spire, which features the world
upon which his comic is based.

The comic book story for PTOLUS will introduce readers to the “City by the
Spire” across six sweeping issues as the ‘treasure hunter’ Sheva Callister
is brought out of retirement to play a dangerous game of fetch for a
powerful lord. Her quest takes her throughout the city and below through
tombs and traps as she struggles to keep herself alive and uncover who – or
what – is working against her. It’s a story of high fantasy and low
treachery – the sort of tale any reader, gamer or not, can sink into and

“Monte Cook is an amazingly influential individual,” said Les Dabel, Vice
President of DB Pro. “Many of his ideas have become standards in both gaming
and fantasy storytelling today.”

So, continued Dabel, when Monte Cook approached DB Pro with an idea for a
comic book that would help create awareness about his upcoming game, the
Dabel Brothers jumped at the chance.

“PTOLUS isn’t just a promotional tie-in for a product; it’s an extension of
the game,” explained Dabel. “One of the initial ideas going into this
project was that Monte would use the comic to develop characters, places,
and weapons that players could then use in their own adventures.”

And indeed, every issue of the comic will feature an exclusive item or
character with full statistics and rules available on the game’s website, . First up will be Sheva’s
hungersword, a special blade that literally devours souls.

“PTOLUS could not have found a better home than at DB Pro,” Monte said. “I’m
thrilled to be working with them. It’s a blast!”

PTOLUS: CITY BY THE SPIRE is a 6-issue miniseries from Dabel Brothers
Production. It will be available at comic book retailers everywhere in May,
2006 and distributed by Diamond Distributors, Inc.

More information about the PTOLUS comic book and other projects from DB Pro
can be found at
. A special section of the official Ptolus site dedicated to the comic will
also eventually be available at


About Monte Cook and Malhavoc Press

Monte Cook has worked professionally in the game industry since 1988 for
companies including Iron Crown Enterprises, TSR Inc., and Wizards of the
Coast. He is a codesigner of Dungeons & DragonsR 3rd edition and author of
the Dungeon Master’s Guide. He also designed the HeroClix system of
superhero combat for WizKids Games and has published two novels, The Glass
Prison and Of Aged Angels, in addition to his work for his own company,
Malhavoc Press.

Malhavoc Press is the publisher of the award-winning Book of Eldritch Might
and other d20 System roleplaying game titles. Hallmarks of Malhavoc products
include unusual magic, monsters, and evocative game elements that go beyond
traditional fantasy, as well as a mastery of the d20 System rules. The
Ptolus deluxe game sourcebook, due out in August, is based on Monte’s
longtime home campaign. Find out more and get free game articles and
downloads at .

About Dabel Brothers Production

Dabel Brothers Production (“DB Pro”) is a comic book studio dedicated to
bringing many of the best and most popular novels in the realms of fantasy
and science fiction to the comic book medium. With a passion for
authenticity and a firm respect for the original text, the Dabel Brothers
work hard to ensure that their adaptations build upon and enhance the worlds
of popular works in a manner that longtime fans and new readers alike can

To date, Dabel Brothers Production is best known for its critically
acclaimed adaptation of bestselling author George R. R. Martin’s THE HEDGE
KNIGHT and THE SWORN SWORD, as well as adaptations of other fantasy/sci-fi
stories like Orson Scott Card’s RED PROPHET and WYRMS, Raymond E. Feist’s
HUMA, Robert Silverberg’s THE SEVENTH SHRINE and Tad Williams’s THE BURNING
MAN. DB Pro is also working with Red Eagle Entertainment to bring forth an
adaptation of Robert Jordan’s WHEEL OF TIME: NEW SPRING, the prequel to the
epic novel series.

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