Popeye the Sailor Man meets Sailor Moon in Fred Perry mashup

If you ever wondered what might happen if you were to combine Sailor Moon and Popeye the Sailor Man, Gold Digger cartoonist Fred Perry may have the answer. However, his mashup, titled Momeye the Sailor Scout, isn't merely a one-off illustration -- it's a full-fledged comic coming soon from Antarctic Press.

Scheduled for August release, Momeye the Sailor Scout mixes Sailor Moon's Usagi Tsukino with E.C. Segar's Popeye in a homage/parody that, according to the publisher, is "not just gender-bent, it's gender punched through the ceiling!" Whereas Popeye gets his strength from spinach, Momeye gets hers from avocados -- and she'll need it, as she'll be up against her "best frenemy," Bruta.

Originating as a "test strip" for fun, Perry soon began working on a full-length Momeye the Sailor Scout comic and posting it online.

"Momeye fights sea monsters for a living. That's what sailor scouts do right?" Perry writes. "But she's a little insecure and will get into fights at the drop of a hat or a misheard remark!"

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