'Popbot #3': Let's kill somebody!

Press Release

[Popbot #3]When series creator Ashley Wood began POPBOT, he gave readers twists and turns that many had never experienced in a story before. Now, with POPBOT #3, he corkscrews the characters into a plot twist that will leave the readers spinning in wonderment.

"My plan was to build a genuine concern for the characters by issue two. That way, in this issue, the readers would get a bigger payoff when I disrupted the pattern a bit," said Ashley Wood, creator of POPBOT.

POPBOT #3 finds Kitty learning more about his robotic bodyguard byscraping below his metal surface. There are repercussions, though: one major player is pegged to be cut from the roster. Will someone die or just fade away in a slimy trail of unknown body fluids?

"Woody has taken the presentation of the graphic novel and returned it to its creative roots. POPBOT is not just a run-of-the-mill monthly super-hero book shoved between card stock covers. He is challenging the rest of the publishing world to match his quality," commented Beau Smith, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for IDW Publishing.

POPBOT #3 will be published by IDW Publishing in September 2002. It's 48 duo-tone pages and retails for $7.99.

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