Political Cartoonist Ted Rall on the ground in Afghanistan

Official Press Release

Political cartoonist and January's 9-11: Emergency Relief graphic novel contributor Ted Rall has traveled to Afghanistan to cover the war in person. His personal writings from Khanabad, Taloqan and other areas of Afghanistan are being serialized weekly by the Village Voice and his reportage is also featured on the on-line Comic Book Galaxy. His self-syndicated column will increase to twice-weekly frequency in order to provide his impressions and reports from the conflict between the Taliban and the Northern Alliance and the ensuing aftermath during the time he is there.

KFI Radio in Los Angeles will broadcast live updates at least twice daily on that station's morning-drive Bill Handel Show and the afternoon-drive program The John and Ken Show. KFI is a 50,000-watt station serving 15 Western states, found at 640 on your AM dial.

Ted currently does a 10-minute "Stan Watch" segment--breaking news from Central Asia--every morning at either 8:00 AM or 8:30 AM West Coast time on The Bill Handel Show on KFI Radio.

Depending on logistical and communications limitations, Ted may also provide cartoon impressions of the war straight from the scene.

As long-time readers and listeners know, Ted has been writing about Central Asia and Afghanistan since 1997, and was one of the first American journalists to note the importance of the region to American interests.

Ted Rall's personal experiences in comic book form related to the September 11 tragedy also appear in the 9-11: Emergency Relief (ISBN 1-891867-12-1) anthology benefit comic book of autobiographical stories from Alternative Comics with its release the third week of January. All profits from the book will be donated to the American Red Cross general fund.

Ted Rall, 38, is an editorial and social-commentary cartoonist for Universal Press Syndicate. A Pulitzer Prize finalist and two-time RFK Journalism Award winner, Rall is the author of seven books, including the graphic novels My War With Brian and 2024, as well as the Gen X manifesto Revenge of the Latchkey Kids.

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