Police search for TWO Deadpools in botched ATM heist

Although the marketing for the upcoming Deadpool effort has gotten imaginative, this burglary in Florida probably isn't part of Fox's campaign.

The Brevard County Sheriff's Office is on the hunt for two men dressed as the Marvel antihero who broke into a gas station in Cocoa, Florida, early Jan. 7 and removed an ATM. However, as the images below show, these were Mercs with Mouths, not with a brains.

Surveillance cameras show that one of the men was unmasked during the burglary when he unzipped his Deadpool full zip-up hoodie, which authorities hope will lead to his identification.

Their missteps didn't end there, though, as the two loaded the ATM into a Ford van later reported stolen from a nearby dealership but, for reasons undisclosed by the sheriff's office, were unable to leave the parking lot. So they abandoned the ATM and the van, and were seen on security video being picked up by a white Chevy Tahoe.

We can only presume Weasel was behind the wheel.

(via Orlando Weekly)

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