Police, Firefighters contribute to new and expanded 'Shi ­ Through the Ashes'

Official Press Release

[Shi: Through the Ashes]An additional eight pages has been added to Shi - Through the Ashes expanding the comic from its original 24 page format to 32. In addition to the original Shi story, the new pages will the heartfelt first-hand recollections of firefighters, police and ironworkers accompanied by illustrations by Shi creator Billy Tucci. As an added bonus, an insert poster by acclaimed illustrator Barry Orkin of his painting "Perseverance." Perseverance was recently showcased along side Billy¹s Through the Ashes cover at New York City¹s Society of Illustrators 9/11 Benefit Exhibit.

A native New Yorker, Billy explained the reason for the books expansion, "The original concept of Through the Ashes had Ana Ishikawa as a witness to the terrible attacks on the World Trade Center. Many of my friends were there that day, and participated in the rescue and recovery efforts for weeks afterward. Some are actually still there."

Also included will be a memorial to our fallen heroes, including Petty Officer Michael Noeth, who was killed in the attack on the Pentagon.

It was through these experiences that Billy felt the book should be more than just a Shi story. "These are the true stories of September 11th, and I didn¹t feel that the book would be complete without them. These are the true heroes."

Shi ­ Through the Ashes will still retain its $2.99 price tag and all profits will benefit the Uniformed Firefighters Association Widows and Children¹s Fund.

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