Pokemon Fans Think Sword and Shield's Galar Weezing Looks Like a Bong

New Pokémon and characters for Sword and Shield were revealed today, but one, in particular, has fans making a hilarious comparison.

Nintendo released new details about Pokémon Sword and Shield, including two new rivals. There will also be Team Yell, inspired by both British punks and football hooligans, who will champion rival Marnie, and several new Pokémon were also unveiled, including a Galan form of Weezing. However, while the Pokémon is clearly modeled after Victorian industrialists and smokestacks, many fans think it looks like a bong.

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The smokestacks not only mirror the many that dot Britain (and were omnipresent during the Industrial Age), they also mimic the top hats that wealthy industrialists of the Victorian era wore. The green substance around the Weezing's faces also brings to mind an old-timey mustache. Nevertheless, with the round body, protruding tube and green smoke, many fans responded on Twitter that the design looks an awful lot like a bong.

Aside from the new Weezing form, we also got a look at the Galan forms for Zigzagoon and Linoone. What's more, unlike in Sun and Moon, regional forms in Galan can gain new evolutions. The Galan Linoone evolves into Obstagoon, a bipedal Pokémon that further echoes the goth-punk aesthetic of many of the game's characters.

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Finally, the new Pokémon Morpeko was showcased, which functions as the region's Pikachu analog, complete with the same electricity-filled cheeks. There's another twist, though, as Morpeko can change forms between a Full Belly and Hangry mode. Along with the visual switch, it's signature move also toggles between Electric and Dark.

Pokémon Sword and Shield arrive on November 15.

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