7 Pokémon Spin-Off Films We Want To See (And 3 We Don't)

Detective Pikachu

Legendary Producers have revealed that there may be plans to launch a Pokémon Cinematic Universe off from the upcoming Detective Pikachu film. Should the new Ryan Reynolds film be successful, a sequel is inevitable. Maybe a few spin-offs. Maybe more. The world of Pokémon is so expansive it could fuel a hundred films. It's already become a wildly successful anime, countless manga, dozens of animated films, tons of games and spin-offs...

But while it is tempting to just say "Adapt all the Pokémon things," fans need to remember that not every Pokémon is good -- let alone worthy of a cinematic motion picture. There are several exciting possibilities a Pokémon Cinematic Universe poses, but there are a few things that should be left on the cutting room floor, too. Which spin-offs do we want to see, and which ones do we not?

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10 (Don't) Ash Ketchum

Ash Ketchum jumping

The Japanese Pokémon anime spent over a thousand episodes and over twenty films focused on the adventures of Ash Ketchum, a boy who never bothered evolving his Pikachu, never won the Pokémon League in any region, and has never aged past the age of ten despite years canonically passing in universe.

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It isn't that Ash Ketchum is a bad character. He's just well-explored. We don't need a film focused on Ash Ketchum to be made. Ash might make an interesting supporting character or fanservice icon, but there is no need for him to be the main focus of any upcoming film.

9 (Want) Mewtwo

With it being confirmed that Mewtwo is an upcoming character in the Detective Pikachu film -- and it being heavily rumored that a Mewtwo film is in the works -- it stands to reason that Mewtwo will be getting a spin-off film in the coming future.

A Mewtwo film could focus on his origins in Cinnabar Island's Mystery House, his wandering for purpose, an adaptation of his anime film, or even, if they so desire, an adaptation of his Pokémon Special story where he forms a physical bond with Cinnabar Island's Gym Leader, Blaine. There are countless possibilities ahead.

8 (Want) Mystery Dungeon

The Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series is a spin-off series focused on the adventures of a boy turned into a Pokémon, forced to function in Pokémon civilization. It's a simple adventure series that, in one entry, introduces a villainous Darkrai as a truly diabolical icon of terror.

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While no one game needs to be adapted, the idea of a human transforming into a Pokémon might make for an interesting film plot. It can help develop and expand the lore of Pokémon civilization while also offering a unique narrative.

7 (Want) N

Team Plasma is the Pokémon equivalent of PETA. An organization out to stop the human enslavement of Pokémon, they plague the Unova Region and all the humans in it. The "leader" of Team Plasma is N, an enigmatic figure with a truly fascinating story.

N could make a fascinating protagonist. He's a complex villain as it is, but, as revealed in Pokémon Black and White, he is actually a pawn of a far more vile adversary in the background. It would make a fascinating twist on the Pokémon story, especially given how mainstream critics often regard Pokémon battles as glorified dog fighting.

6 (Don't) Pokémon Snap

Pokemon Snap

One of the most beloved Pokémon video game spin-offs, Pokémon Snap follows the adventures of Todd, a photographer who is sent by Professor Oak to catalog the wild Pokémon living in an isolated island -- culminating in an encounter with Mew.

While Pokémon Snap is an incredible game with a large following, the prospect of Pokémon photography wouldn't make for a particularly interesting film. There are far more cinematic stories than a story just about looking at pictures. Besides, what would the conflict of the film even be?

5 (Want) Misty

Misty is one of the most beloved Gym Leaders in Pokémon history. In the games, anime, and Pokémon Special manga, Misty has a compelling story that can be adapted in some fashion on film.

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Misty's story in Pokémon Special, in particular, is incredibly interesting. She's part of a coalition of Gym Leaders opposing another conspiracy of Gym Leaders aligned with Team Rocket, all in a plot concocted to fuse the three legendary birds into one colossal entity. Even so, a film centered around a Gym Leader would be incredibly interesting, regardless of the plot.

4 (Want) Professor Oak

Professor Oak Pokemon

Professor Oak is a staple in the Pokémon Universe. Despite the fact he doesn't know if you're a boy or a girl, he discovered and revealed much about the Pokémon world. How? A story centered around Professor Oak's research -- and the dangerous lengths he goes to retrieve it -- could make a fascinating story.

Even more compelling is if the film takes a page from the anime's book -- or, more specifically, the fourth anime film's book, where a young Professor Oak is dragged through time by the legendary Pokémon Celebi.

3 (Want) Team Rocket

Few Pokémon antagonists are as iconic as Team Rocket. Whether it's Jessie, James, and Meowth or its insidious leader Giovanni, Team Rocket has been a main presence throughout the Pokémon Universe since its inception.

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But what would the plot be? It could be a film about Jessie and James going on a raid and failing upwards. It could be a film adapting Giovanni's arc from the games. Or it could be a story about any random Team Rocket grunt with the more iconic characters appearing in the periphery. Whatever the case may be, a Team Rocket film could be a perfect entry in a Pokémon Expanded Universe.

2 (Don't) Pokémon Contests

Introduced in Gen 3, Pokémon Contests are beauty pageants focused on Pokémon becoming as beautiful and fantastic as possible. They were an interesting diversion from the main game.

Pokémon Contests should be acknowledged in universe. Tamers and breeders for contests should be introduced in future films and exist as characters. The problem is, of all the potential projects for a future Pokémon film, does this really get you excited? Does this open up the lore as much as some of the other options on this list?

While the Pokémon equivalent of Yuri on Ice!!! or The Cutting Edge sounds awesome -- actually, that does sound awesome. Just not a good follow-up for Detective Pikachu.

1 (Want) Pokémon Red And Blue

Mew Pokemon Red & Blue

At the end of the day, many fans want a straight-forward film adaptation of Pokémon Red and Blue. A simple film featuring one boy's journey to become a Pokémon Master from start to finish.

Of all the films, this one seems to have the most evidence that it's in the works. Recent rumors indicate that Legendary Pictures is considering making a film based on the first two Game Boy games. This all indicates that the studio is planning adapting the story that launched the biggest cross-media franchise of all time.

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