The 10 Creepiest Ghost-Type Pokémon Every Trainer Fears

Ghost-Type Pokémon get a lot of fan attention because they are interesting, cool, and sometimes even cute. Out of all the types of Pokémon out there, it is the ghosts that have the most fascinating entries in the Pokédex. They also have really cool trainers in the games such as Morty, Agatha, Phoebe, Fantina, Acerola, Shauntal, and the upcoming Gym Leader Allister for Pokémon Sword and Shield.

When you learn more about then, you will see that some Ghost-Type Pokémon are more haunting than others. There are ten we found that are particularly spooky.

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10 Gengar

Gengar is one of the most classic of the Ghost-Types, having been around since Pokémon began more than 20 years ago. What is most spooky about it is that it likes to mimic people's shadows and drain heat from their bodies. The Pokédex entries definitely offer a lot of scary information, for example in Pokémon Stadium, Gengar's entry reads "Appears to attack people who get lost in the mountains. Said to be the culprit behind shadows that laugh in the moonlight."

9 Giratina

Nothing gets more cool than a Dragon and Ghost-Type legendary Pokémon.

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What is scary about it is not just its glowing red eyes and bat-like wings. According to its Pokédex entries, it was banished to the Distortion World for being too violent. That is a big deal in the world of Pokémon, since a lot of life seems to be centered around battles. Apparently Giratina took it too far.

8 Mimikyu

Introduced in the recent Sun and Moon games, Mimikyu is kind of cute but it is also pretty darn creepy. No one knows what it looks like under its Pikachu disguise, only that looking at it will make you sick or die of shock. The Ultra Moon Pokédex says, "A gust of wind revealed what hides under this Pokémon's rag to a passing trainer, who went home and died painfully that very night." Yikes.

7 Yamask

The creepiest part of Yamask is that various Pokédex entries claim that it was once human. Apparently, the mask they carry is the face they had when they were people. It does beg the question as to how a human becomes a Yamask. Is it that their spirit cannot pass on for some reason? Whatever the case, the Yamask always look sad and like they are not having a very good time. It must suck to once have been a human and then be another human's Pokémon.

6 Trevenant

This Ghost and Grass-Type Pokémon is basically a sentient tree. According to various Pokédex entries, they can control trees and trap people in the forest. It also has a revengeful side, as it will particularly go after those who harm the forest.

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They do not only trap people, but also devour them according to the information about them in Pokémon Sun. At least Ultra Sun's entry gives you a method on avoiding being devoured or trapped, just bring a Fire-Type Pokémon with you. It is what the lumberjacks do.

5 Banette

Evolving from Shuppet, Banette is apparently a cursed doll that is looking to curse those who threw it away. Apparently a lot of kids throw away their doll in the Pokémon world and a lot of the dolls do not like it! The reason its mouth is zipped shut is so that its "cursed energy" will not escape. As to what that really means, the Pokédex is not so enlightening. Maybe if you un-zip the mouth then the ghost will leave the doll? In any case, you do not want to be that child this Pokémon is hunting down. No one wants to know what happens to that kid if the Banette finds them.

4 Palossand

What may appear at first a cute sand-castle is actually a Ghost-Type Pokémon that eats other Pokémon. According to its entry in Pokémon Moon, you can even find dried up bones under its body. In Sun, you can learn that is actually possesses people in order to make it larger and most castle-like.

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So if you are ever walking the beaches of Alola, hold your small Pokémon and children close. Maybe do a double-take at any sand-castles nearby. Just watch your step and you'll be fine... probably.

3 Drifloon

These guys are arguably the cutest Ghost-Type Pokémon out there. However, do not let those beady little eyes fool you into thinking that they are innocent. These Pokémon kidnap children and take them to the Afterlife. Like Palossand, they take an innocent form in order to trap unknowing victims. According to Ultra Sun, the more people it kidnaps, the bigger it's balloon body gets.

On a more funny note though, some entries mention that Drifloon dislike heavy children. That means they can get stuck with a large kid that they do not have the strength to carry. That is adorable.

2 Cofragigus

Evolved by Yamask, Cofragigus is one of the Ghost-Types with the most frightening appearance. The red eyes and creepy smile just instill fear. Their Pokédex entries only make them worse. They are known to trap people inside them and turn them into mummies. That sounds like just a polite way to say they downright kill you. On the positive end, it seems to prefer just eating grave-robbers rather than innocent people.

This Pokémon is obviously based on sarcophagus and real cursed Egyptian tomb stories. So it is actually based a little bit on truth, so that is even more scary.

1 Gourgeist

Sorry guys, we know its cute but it can also kill you in a terrible manner. According to its Pokédex entries in Y and Alpha Sapphire, this Pokémon will wrap its arms around you and sing as it watches you suffer. The entries to not say why you are suffering, which only makes it more scary.

We cannot blame the love this Pokémon gets though. The most fun aspect of training one is that they come in different sizes. Maybe make sure to get a small one so it will have more difficult trying to kill you.

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