Pokemon: 10 Hilarious Times Misty Had To Take Ash Down A Peg Or Two

Pokemon would not be the same show it is now without Misty being such a unique and strong supporting character. She is a wise-cracking tomboy who helps Ash Ketchum along the way on his journey to becoming a Pokemon Master.

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The pair when meet when Ash steals Misty’s bicycle to run away from a flock of Spearow, then Pikachu later fries the bike with a thundershock, destroying it. Misty vows to follow Ash around and harass him until he pays her back for her bike. Throughout their journeys, Misty manages to land some truly sick burns on Ash. Here are 10 times Misty had to knock Ash down a peg or two.

10 Daydreams

The gang is out in the woods camping on their journey. When they get hungry Brock, with a terrible accent says "And for a special snack for you I have zese French crepes."

"I love French Things, aren't they romantic?" Misty claps her hands together and begins a daydream sequence of her in Paris dining at a cute table, eating crepes.

Ash crunches loudly on snacks, snapping Misty out of her daze.

"All that crunching is ruining my romantic daydreams," Misty screams at Ash.

Brock tells them he can't cook anything if he doesn't have a fire, so someone has to go fetch some. Since Ash ruined her daydreams, Misty volunteers him for the job so she can stay behind and relax.

9 First Encounter

Misty is out fishing when something tugs at her pole. She reels it in hoping for something big. Ash Ketchum and his Pikachu come flying at her.

"Oh, I think this could be a big one!" A disappointed Misty says, "Nah, it's just a kid. Oh! And a Pokemon. Oh, are you okay?"

Ash replies, "Yeah I'm okay."

Misty yells at him, "Not you! look what you've done to that poor little thing. Is it breathing?"

She tells him where to find a hospital for Pikachu and he nabs her bicycle which leads to multiple other jabs she gets him with later in the series.

8 The Circus

The trio is at a fair to have some fun. Misty gets suckered into helping a man out with his magic show. She tries her best, but his show is boring no matter what he does. People boo and he almost causes a fire. The gang watches the man being fired.

Ash says, "I feel sorry for the guy."

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Misty tells him, "He just doesn't know what he’s doing. You can relate to that." Her tone of voice makes the line a zinger and makes Ash frustrated.

7 Perfume Shop

In Pokemon: Indigo League, the trio happens upon a boutique perfume shop. In the shop, the workers promise that the perfume will make you smell lovely and give you more energy. Ash advises Misty not to buy any because it's a waste of money.

Ash rudely replies, "I don't need that smelly junk to give me energy. I've got tons of it on my own." He greatly offends the owner of the shop.

Misty puts him in his place and tells him, "Well why don't you use some of that energy to keep your mouth shut."

Consequently, when he tries to challenge the Celadon City Gym they won't allow him to participate because he insulted the fragrances they manufactured in the gym.

6 The Bridge

Another moment Misty knocks Ash down a peg is when they are attempting to cross the bridge to deliver sick Pokemon an important medicine from Nurse Joy. The bridge only allows bikes on the bicycle path since it is ten miles long and would take the kids too long to walk it on foot. The traffic patrol tells them they can only cross if they have bikes.

Ash says, "I wish we had bicycles."

Misty replies, "Well, if a certain someone here hadn’t destroyed my bike, we could be just zipping right across this bridge now, couldn’t we?" Misty reminds him.

5 Warp Tile

Team Rocket greets the gang at Saffron City. They put Hawaiian leis on them. At first, Ash thinks something is fishy until they tell them they are the millionth people to come to Saffron City, and, as a result, they will receive a prize. With their guards down, Team Rocket coaxes them to stand on a warp tile. They tell them if they stand on the tile they will be transported to the prize room. Instead, they swipe Pikachu and the trio is teleported to an empty room.

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A confused Ash says, "Where are all the prizes?"

Misty yells at Ash, "Can’t you put two and two together? The only thing we’ve won is this trap!"

4 Badges

When Ash is waiting for Pikachu to get better so he can battle the Vermillion City gym leader, Surge, Misty chastises him.

Misty says, "You talk big but when you see how tough it is to get badges, you turn chicken. Maybe you should just quit now. Besides, the badges you do have you got out of pity."

Ash with flushed cheeks, replies to her, "A badge is a badge!"

"Why don't you prove just how tough you are at the Vermillion City Gym?" She later goes on to tell him he will make her and Brock look bad for giving him badges if he does not win.

3 Pokemon Movie

The leader of Team Rocket, Giovanni, hires scientist Dr. Fuji in the first Pokemon movie to create a living weapon. Using the eyelash from the legendary Pokemon known as Mew, Dr. Fuji creates the dangerous Mewtwo.

At one point in the film, Ash whines, "Hungry....need food..."

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Misty tells him, "Oh, Ash, you haven't done a thing all day!"

She teases him and implies that he is being lazy, ultimately to motivate him to do better.

2 Cerulean Gym Battle

The trio is traveling and Ash says he wants to go to Cerulean City. Misty tries to stall them and get them to choose a different place. When the boys arrive at the Cerulean City Gym they discover that Misty's sisters are the Gym Leaders. Ultimately, Misty ends up being the sister who battles Ash for his badge.

"I wasn't planning on challenging you until you paid me back for my bike, but I guess now is as good of a time as any."

"It'll be my pleasure."

She beats him down until Team Rocket breaks up the battle by cruising through an entire wall with a ship. She puts him in his place in the battle, but since he helps take out Team Rocket, Misty's sisters award him with a gym badge anyways.

1 Crystal Clear

The number one hilarious time Misty put Ash in his place is in episode 9 while they are walking through the woods.

Misty tells Ash, "I'm not letting you out of my sight, Ash Ketchum, until you pay for my broken bike."

"My bike! My bike," Ash says in a whiny tone. "That's all I ever hear from you!"

"That's right!" Misty proclaims, "And my name may be Misty, but I'm perfectly clear about what you owe me, so you're not going to get away without paying."

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