Pokémon: Misty's Most Impressive Captures, Ranked

When it comes to the Pokémon anime, Misty (anyone else literally just now getting the reason why she's named Misty?) is one of the most beloved characters of all time. She was one of Ash's first traveling partners and along with Brock, traveled with Ash throughout the Kanto and Johto regions, along with the Orange Archipelago. While we didn't see Misty battle all that often, she was a gym leader and gave anyone who faced her a tough time. As such, today we'll be ranking the best captures that she's made. Staryu, Starmie and Goldeen won't be included in this list, as they were caught prior to the beginning of the anime. Without any further ado, let's get into it.

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7 Luvdisc and Azurill

While we aren't including any Pokémon that were caught before the start of the anime, there are two Pokémon that Misty caught offscreen. Luvdisc was first seen in Pokémon Chronicles, as she and her sister Daisy both caught one. The two lived in the Cerulean Gym, and that's all we know about them. Azurill was a gift as an egg, given to Misty by Tracey that came from his Marill. Both of these Pokémon becoming a part of Misty's party was never seen onscreen. Now, onto the Pokémon that we actually saw join the team throughout the anime.

6 Psyduck

As it turns out, many of Misty's Pokémon were either given to her or fell into her possession on accident. And one of them was not by choice. When Brock decided to pass on dealing with Psyduck (he was attempting to show a girl how caring he was) due to his constant headaches, he wanted Misty to take it, as she is a water-type Pokémon specialist. Misty didn't want the Pokémon at all. However, when Misty dropped one of her Pokéballs... well, Psyduck decided that was it, he was hers and she was his. From then on out, this water-type Pokémon that needed floaties in the water and usually had to be hit with some sort of a blunt instrument in order to be effective was a prominent part of the series. Despite his shortcomings, Misty loved him dearly. Even if she did abuse him every now and then.

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5 Horsea

Horsea is another one of Misty's Pokémon that joined her party willingly. When a giant Tentacruel attacked Porta Vista in the Kanto Region, it was actually Misty and Horsea (whom the team had helped when he was injured earlier) who worked to talk with the Tentacruel and stop him. That is Horsea's preferred method of solving issues, talking before fighting, as he is a very peaceful creature overall. Horsea is a very emotional Pokémon who isn't afraid to voice how he is feeling. While we haven't seen Horsea in a while, he is still a valued member of Misty's team.

4 Poliwag

When Misty was tasked with finding a cure for Tracey and Ash's paralysis (happens to the best of us every once in a while), she needed to get a root from the bottom of a nearby lake. This was an easy task, as a kind little Poliwag was willing to help her get the root and then joined her party happily, as the two became fast friends. Poliwag was a great help to Misty throughout many battles, and before long evolved into a Poliwhirl and then finally a Politoed during the Johto arc. This Pokémon was a powerful part of Misty's team, and even managed to help catch another Pokémon on the list (yes, we do actually get to real captures at some point).

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3 Togepi

While Togepi was just an egg, there was a big stir over who would be able to keep it. While Ash eventually won the egg, the first thing that Togepi saw when he hatched was Misty, whom he imprinted on and he decided was his mother immediately. After that, the two were completely inseparable, and Togepi almost never went in his Pokéball, instead opting to be held in Misty's arms at all times. The Pokémon was quite powerful (even if the group didn't know), and Togepi saved the gang from trouble many times with his metronome ability. Wow, Misty really did not have to fight for most of her Pokémon, did she? The final two entries on the list are Pokémon that Misty did have to capture.

2 Corsola

When it came to capturing Corsola, it was a tough catch for Misty. After a group of Corsola got scared off by a wild Corsola looking for friends, Misty knew it was her chance to catch one, a Pokémon she had wanted for some time. This strong, wild Corsola was powerful, and it had a little edge over Misty. As it had the move recover, it could easily use the move to stay in top fighting condition for longer than Misty's Poliwhirl. This meant Misty had to switch up her strategy. She and Poliwhirl used a consistent string of attacks to wear Corsola down, which allowed Misty to throw her Lure Ball to capture it.

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1 Gyarados

Misty's sisters were really just useless, huh? While they were attempting to run the Cerulean Gym, a Magikarp under their care evolved into a Gyarados, and they couldn't control it. Misty came to the gym and worked tirelessly to keep the Gyarados under control, as the gym would be shut down if she couldn't come up with a solution. When Gyarados was attacked by a Tentacruel with Poison Sting, Misty actually took the hit for Gyarados. Only then did Gyarados realize that Misty truly cared for him, and he then became a part of her team. Misty had to overcome a lot to capture this Pokémon (as she was afraid of the Gyarados species prior to catching this one), and even took a poisonous attack for the creature, making this a very impressive capture for the water master.

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