Pokemon: Let's Go Hides Two Batman Easter Eggs

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The following contains minor spoilers for Pokemon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee

The Pokemon games are no strangers to easter eggs. As well as finding and collecting a full Pokedex worth of monsters, players can discover everything from in-universe references to previous games and franchise lore, to nods to pop culture scattered throughout the various regions.

Pokemon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee!, the first main series games to be released for the Nintendo Switch, continue this tradition, and fans of both Pokemon and Batman will be pleased to know that these latest entries to the series contain not one but two unexpected references to the Dark Knight.

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These easter eggs can only be found much later in the game after the player defeats the Elite Four to become the Champion of the Pokemon League. Doing so will trigger the post-story events, including 145 new trainers to battle throughout the region.

While previous games were criticized for their lack of content at these later stages, these Trainers will ensure that the player will be kept busy, as each Master is a specialist in a particular Pokemon and can only be beaten by that same Pokemon. And they're far from pushovers.


One, who can be found near the Lavender Town exit in Rock Tunnel is named Scientist West and will challenge you with a beefy Level 70 Zubat. West? Bat? It can only be a nod to the late, great Adam West, star of the '60s Batman TV series and several TV movies. And just in case you were in any doubt, the second one is even more obvious.

On the first floor of Victory Road -- the mountainous pass that leads to Indigo Plateau where you can challenge the Pokemon League -- a trainer named Keaton will challenge you with a Level 75 Golbat, the evolved form of Zubat.

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This has to be a reference to Michael Keaton, the actor who donned the cape and ears after West for Tim Burton's Batman and Batman Returns in the late '80s and early '90s. Defeating both of them will earn you the titles of Zubat Master and Golbat Master, or if you'd prefer: the goddam Zubatman. Golbatman. Zu-Golbatman? (We'll work on it...)

If you wanted to read into these joint DC Comics homages a little more, you could argue that the English translators -- who clearly had a lot of fun with the localization process -- used the Zubat evolutionary line to parallel the evolution of the World's Greatest Detective on-screen, at least from West to Keaton.

Michael Keaton as Batman

Even more on the nose is the fact that both Trainers are hanging out in caves. Further non-comic book related names include those of famous wrestlers, like WWE superstar Randy Orton, as well as Japanese actress, Ikue Otani, who has been the voice of the franchise's yellow mascot since 1998. Naturally, she's the Master Pikachu Trainer.

Here's hoping for a Master Spinarak Trainer named Peter if the heavily-hinted at sequel games to Let's Go happen.

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