Pokémon: 10 Gym Leaders Who Never Should Have Gotten The Position

If a Pokemon trainer wishes to become a master, they must not only travel across the land to meet Pokemon to understand the power that's inside. They also have to take on the 8 Gym Leaders and obtain the badges they hold. While a lot of these opponents are quirky, yet intimidating foes, some lack the same spark of the very best. Be it because they come off as a pale imitation of other Gym Leaders, lack any interesting personality quirk, or are just plain annoying, these ten gym leaders really shouldn't have gotten the job.

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10 Flannery

Gym Leaders have quirky personalities, but they also are people that are supposed to be intimidating and competitive. They're people who are masters in their choice of Pokemon and take advantage of this. So, when you're going up against a newbie that has no idea what they're doing, it can make for a dull and annoying character trait. Flannery sure is firey in spirit, but it would have been better if she knew what to do with all that fire-like energy. This could be excused if she was the first or second gym leader, but Flannery is the 4th gym leader in Ruby and Sapphire.

9 Gardenia

One of the things people love the most about Pokemon Gym leaders is that their Pokemon both perfectly coincide with there personality and gimmick. For example, Erika is a soft-spoken girl who's a Japanese Flower Arranger, So she has grass types. Ramos is an old man who specializes in plant trimming, so he also specializes in Grass Types. Gardenia.... has a name that is a play on the word "garden." Couldn't she be a flowerest or a forest ranger?  Wouldn't that be more interesting than whatever the hell she is?

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8 Candice

While Pokemon is generally targeted towards children, it's hard to see children in real life wanting to be one, let alone a teenager. Candice is a perky girl that doesn't do much in the way of having a gimmick to match her Ice-type Pokemon. She's more of the typical teen girl: upbeat, interested in fashion and wanting everyone to be the best. While it's nice that you don't want every Ice Gym leader to be emotionally distant, it doesn't make up for the fact that she's the least interesting of the Ice Gym Leaders.

7 Wattson

Wattson seems to be the old guy that you want to hang out with your pals. That's fine and dandy, but he pales in comparison to other electric gym leaders. Maybe Game Freak thought that him having an "Electric Personality" would make up for his lack of an electric gimmick. Lt. Surge was a Lieutenant, Elesa was a dazzling fashion model, Clemont was a child tech prodigy, and Wattson... is just an old man. It would have been nice for him to have a personal gimmick to compliment his personality.

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6 Cheren

Cheren was the second trainer in the series to have started as a rival before becoming a Gym Leader. However, when compared to Blue, Cheren lacks any character trait. As the series progressed, Pokemon rivals became less interesting as they went on. Sure, Blue and Silver were jerks, but we were supposed to hate them, and they had much more interesting personalities. In contrast, Cheren is a blank slate; which makes sense since he replaces Lenora as Gym Leader. But, Whereas Blue became the final gym leader for future Pokemon games to have Kanto in it, Cheren is the first gym Leader for Black 2 and White 2 and has Lilipup and Patrat.

5 Iris

As mentioned before, while children like to play Pokemon in real life, having a gym leader being one isn't always a good idea. Iris is the final gym leader for those who purchased Pokemon White. Sure, Pokemon White was the better version of Generation V, but it wasn't entirely worth it. In comparison to the much more intimidating and cool looking Drayden, Iris was more annoying in comparison. We guess the only reason she's here so that kids can have an attachment to her in the Pokemon TV show, where she was one of Ash's companions. Seeing how fans weren't too fond of her and another gym leader that traveled with him(We'll get to him next), it's hard to see why she became the champion in Black 2 and White 2

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4 Chili, Cilan, and Cress

This trio of brothers are chefs that have a passion for cooking. They want to serve us a Pokemon battle like no other. However, they seem to only exist as a way to show off the elemental monkey pokemon introduced in Black and White. While they're cute little Mon's, these Pokemon aren't as cool or interesting as other Monkey Pokemon, like Chimchar, Aipom, or Mankey. Again, these three seem to be here, so kids recognize Cilan from the show.

3 Juan

Juan has only made one appearance as a Gym Leader, in Pokemon Emerald. While his team does take a bit more advantage of the Hoenn region's Water Pokemon, his personality is just dull and generic. He's just another self-absorbed rich guy, what fun. Compare to the more extravagant and stylish Wallace, Juan comes off as a downgrade, rather than an improvement. Also, having Kingdra as his strongest Pokemon rather than the more majestic Milotic is just sad.

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2 Roark

Roark was the first gym leader trainers went up against in the Sinnoh region. While Roark has a cool enough design and gimmick, his Pokemon don't take advantage of either. Sure, he has a Cranidos, but his two other Pokemon(Geodude and Onix) are copy-pastes of Brock's line-up. Wouldn't it be better if he also had a Shieldon and another fossil Pokemon with him to help drive home that he's a Pokemon archaeologist? Heck, add a Zubat to keep with the cave theme. If anything, he and Kalos's gym leader, Grant, should probably swap Pokemon and Gimmicks, to make things a bit more interesting.

1 Whitney

The number of Gameboys thrown at the wall when Pokemon Gold and Silver were released cannot describe the anger and frustrations many have towards Whitney. While she may seem easy, it's when she uses her Miltank that she becomes one of the most displeasing characters in all of gaming. You see, Miltank not only has it's powerful Rollout attack, but it can also heal itself with its Milk Drink power. Top that with this Pokemon's high defense rate, where even a Fighting-type Pokemon can barely stand up to this anger-inducing Pokemon.

Just about everyone, even Ash Ketchum, weren't able to defeat this girl on their first try. Also, if you beat her, she would cry and not give you your badge right away. On behalf of every 90's kid who went up against her, We here at CBR can say that Whitney can go cry straight to hell with her OP Miltank.

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