Pokemon: Brock's 10 Best Crushes, Ranked

Brock has been a main character in multiple different Pokémon series throughout the years. The most popular was Pokémon the Series: The Begining with the infamous trio: Ash, Misty, and Brock. A running gag in the Pokémon series is Brock always falling in love in almost every episode he is in. He is always brought back to reality after confessing to this lucky, or, in some cases, unlucky girl. Misty, Max, or his pokémon, Croagunk, are always saving the girls from Brock and his not so smooth-talking.

But alas, among all the various series and team's travels, they only see the characters once. While Brock's love usually only lasts for one episode, sometimes it's one girl, and sometimes it's several. With Brock, these loves are really just infatuations as opposed to true love. Sometimes the girls do happen to fall in love with Brock, but that is a rare occurrence.

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10 Gardenia

Gardenia is the gym leader for Eterna City in the Sinnoh region. She is an expert in grass type okémon and truly loves them all as her own. She is in the anime, Pokémon the series: Diamond and Pearl, manga, and the video games Dimond, Pearl, and Platinum.

When Brock sees Gardenia after meeting her in a previous episode, he says the met in a Hamlet-like way. It makes the viewers wonder if Brock has ever seen Shakespeare's Hamlet, as that is far from romantic. This is not Brock's last chance, though, as Gardenia comes back a few episodes later.

9 Erika

Erika is the gym leader for Celadon City Gym in the Kanto region. She has been seen in the anime, Pokémon the series: the Beginning, the manga, game, and the movie Pokémon I Choose You! Erika uses grass-type pokémon when battling and is also the keeper of the rainbow badge.

When the group first meet her, they are banned from her perfume shop because Ash did not like the smell. Contrary to Ash though, Brock was entranced by the smell when he first came into Celadon City. This was an interesting, and perhaps creepy, time for Brock where his obsession was not with her looks, but with her smell.

8 Daisy, Violet, and Lily

What all three of these girls have in common is that they are Misty's older sisters. Misty does not get along with them very well, but that does not stop Brock from falling in love with all three. These sisters are seen in the anime Pokémon: Indigo League. Daisy, Violet, and Lily are all the gym leaders of Cerulean City.

The first time Brock saw the three sisters was on an advertisement for an underwater ballet. While in the series it is never touched on that Brock has a crush on Misty, he sure does have a thing for her three older sisters.

7 Pike Queen Lucy

Lucy debuted in Pokémon the Series: Ruby and Saphire. She is from the Kanto region and the sister of Barbara. Lucy is the Frontier Brain and the leader of the Battle Frontier. She has appeared in the anime, manga, and the games.

This is another girl who actually shared Brock's feelings. When the audience first sees Lucy, she is an independent, strong, and smart girl, but Brock was able to break through her tough exterior. In this scenario though, it was not Max who pulled Brock away from a blushing Queen Lucy, but her sister Barbara.

6 Rowena

Rowena is from the Pokémon movie Zoroark: Masters of Illusion. She is first seen as Grings Kodai's secretary, but it was soon revealed she is a woman named Rowena. She was actually an undercover reporter from Crown City in the Sinnoh region.

When Ash and the team are captured by Kodai, Rowena reveals to the team that she is investigating Kodai and will be on their side in the battle for Pokémon. She does end up letting them out of the jail cell they were put in.  That, of course, is when Brock is overjoyed to be on the same side as Rowena and falls in love with her like always.

5 Lizabeth

Lizabeth is from the 2006 movie Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea. She is the last living member of the People of the Water. They are an ancient civilization who possessed a lot of different sea crystals, which reveals the opening to the entrance of the Sea Crown's site. Lizabeth can also be seen in the Pokémon games Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum.

She is from the Kanto region and uses psychic and water type pokémon. While Brock likes a lot of girls, and most of them turn him down, this one actually likes him back. Despite their shared feelings, they did not end up together because Brock was still traveling with the team.

4 Holly

This is another girl that fell head over heels for Brock in the episode" Tag! We're It...!" Holly was Brock's partner in the tag team Pokémon battle. She is from the Shinnoh region. She was not interested when Brock flirted with her, but she had a change of heart when they finished battling and saw how well Brock, which makes sense, considering he used to be a gym leader.

She even went so far as to leave and go train after the episode so she could become a better partner for Brock in the future.

3 Officer Jennys

Officer Jenny loves pokémon and stands up for their rights. Ash and the team can find an officer Jenny in any town they go to. She is seen in every game, anime series, and manga. Officer Jenny is sometimes seen riding a cool motorcycle. Every officer Jenny has one goal: take people like team Rocket down.

Brock falls head over heels for every officer Jenny, considering they share a common goal. In fact, Every officer Jenny is related, and, even though they are all cousins, they share the same name. If an officer Jenney fell in love with Brock, it would surely result in many awkward family reunions.

2 Nurse Joys

Nurse Joy is similar to Officer Jenny. She is in every manga, anime, game, and even the card game. Nurse Joy is always at the Pokémon center in every town the team goes to. Also, just like officer Jenny, all the nurse Joys are related, and their last name is always Joy.

One talent of Brock's is that he can tell all the Joys apart from one another. He can distinguish them because of the little details he notices. The viewers have yet to decide if that is extremely creepy or somewhat sweet.

1 Olivia

Brock has been going after every girl he sees since the Pokémon series has started. After all this waiting and falling in love, he has finally found the perfect girl for him. Olivia first debuted in the Pokémon series Sun and Moon anime, manga, and game.

She is from the Alola region and is even in the Elite Four. When Brock first meets Oliva, he fell in love as always and even proposed. Oliva has noted that she thinks Brock takes good care of his pokémon, which she highly respects. In the game, she is a master of rock type Pokemon, just like Brock. It seems like these two are a match made in Pokémon Heaven.

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