Original Ash Ketchum Dub Actor Congratulates Trainer On First League Win

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After years and years of trying, Ash Ketchum has finally become a Pokémon League Champion. The longtime anime protagonist finally got the big win in the 139th episode of the Pokémon Sun and Moon, taking home the Alola Region's top prize.  In light of this development: someone very special from Ash's past has wished him congratulations: his original English dub voice actress, Veronica Taylor.

In a video posted to Twitter, Taylor sent as an in-character video from his "younger but still the same age" self. Taylor's Ash explains he'd like to say he always knew he could do it (but let's be honest, he's been trying since 1998. "Ash" also shared the importance of training hard, being open to new experiences and knowing that winning isn't always important - a lesson he's learned time and time again. Still, winning certainly feels good.

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"Congratulations to Ash Ketchum on winning the Pokémon League from Ash’s ‘younger’ self, circa 1998," Taylor wrote in the post's caption. "Yup, hard work, determination, good friends, and a bit of luck pay off!"

Taylor was also sure to give a shoutout to Rica Matsumoto, Ash Ketchum's voice actress in the original Japanese version of the anime -- in which Ash is known as Satoshi -- citing her as the inspiration for his voice around the world.

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