Pokémon: 5 Reasons Ash Should Never Have Become Champion (And 5 We're Glad He Did)

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It finally happened, Ash Ketchum has finally become a Pokémon Master! It certainly took long enough, and it was at the Alola Region where Ash was finally able to beat out the competition and become the champion. But after almost 20 years and too many episodes to count, Ash's victory lap wasn't as perfect as some hoped it would be.

Today, we'll be going over 5 reasons why Ash's big win should have happened, along with 5 reasons that it maybe shouldn't have. Let's get right on into it!

10 Should Have: He's Been At It For Two Decades

Ash has been attempting to achieve his dream longer than some of us have even been alive. He's basically a 30-year-old man who is also a 10-year-old boy. He's worked consistently to make his dream of winning a Pokémon League happen, and it finally did. He never gave up on his dreams, no matter how bad things looked.

In the end, he got there. But, really? Seven regions in? That took a while.

9 Shouldn't Have: He's Been At It For Two Decades

Wait a minute... it took this man 20 years to win a Pokémon League?! Isn't that a bit ridiculous?

At this point his Pikachu is probably level 235, and he has an incredible amount of experience that should have made some of his past League battles a walk in the park. It's the kind of experience even the greatest trainers can only dream of. The fact that it took him this long to finally take the crown is pretty telling, for sure. At least it only took, you know, less than three decades. That's something... sort of. Let's just move on.

8 Should Have: He's Come So Close Before

Ash has made it so far, so many times. The Kalos Pokémon League was almost his first win but he, unfortunately, wasn't quite able to snag the victory. As such, it seems right that he was able to take the Alola League crown (even if it required a few occasions of luck to pull it off).

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All in all, Ash has been robbed of victory plenty of times. As such, the Alola League win is just kind of payback for this relentless trainer. He certainly never gives up, you can give him that one.

7 Shouldn't Have: He Kind Of Cheated

No one really seemed to care about the fact that Ash brought a mythical Pokémon to fight in the League. Someone should have definitely penalized Ash or at least called him out for this, but no one does.

Why was this allowed? Mythical Pokémon have a huge advantage over other Pokémon, and this should not have happened at all. He used it all throughout the tournament, which is a huge reason why Ash shouldn't have won.

6 Should Have: So Did Gladion

Okay, but we do need to keep the same energy when it comes to everyone here. Gladion also used a legendary Pokémon against Ash in the finals, which does sort of even out that match a bit. However, this doesn't mean that Ash should have used his mythical Meltan/Melmetal throughout the entire conference.

Then again, Legendary Pokemon have been used in past Leagues. Everyone can just shape up and catch themselves a one of a kind legendary Pokemon, apparently. It doesn't matter if there's only one of each, just do it.

5 Shouldn't Have: He Still Has No Idea What He's Doing

It doesn't matter how long Ash has been battling, he still makes poor decisions literally all the time. And he still loses. All the time.

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A person like that really shouldn't be winning Pokémon Leagues. Then again, this could just go to show how much Ash has improved from his Thunder Armor days. He's definitely been worse, we can say that for sure. Still, he doesn't even know how to use type charts.

4 Should Have: His Love For His Pokémon

Ash and Pikachu Pokemon I choose you!

Through thick and thin, Ash always manages to make sure that his Pokémon come first. He loves them more than anything in the world, and cares about how they're feeling over a title any day. The love and care that Ash has for his team (and the love they show him in return) really proves that he is an incredible trainer.

Sure, a win is great, but if his Pokémon aren't happy, then neither is he. This man turned to stone for his Pokémon, for crying out loud, show his name some respect.

3 Shouldn't Have: The Sleeping Rowlet

Let's not forget that this was a thing that happened. When Ash's Rowlet went up against Hau's Decidueye, Rowlet seemed to be knocked out (this was even called by the referee). However, Hala interrupts the battle to say that no, Rowlet is just sleeping, and Ash hasn't lost yet.

Excuse me? What? How was this allowed? Besides the fact that the match was already called in Decidueye's favor, Pokémon have been shown to get up after fainting and leaving the battle, so Rowlet clearly could have actually fainted. This was just a really bad call. Maybe even the worst.

2 Should Have: He Can Win With Basic Pokémon

Ash meets Pikachu

Then again, let's go back to that for a second. Ash beat a Decidueye with Rowlet, Decidueye's basic form. Despite some strange rulings, that's incredibly impressive! Rowlet managed to take down its own evolved form, showing just how strong Ash's Pokémon truly are.

His Pokémon don't fully evolve pretty often, so this really does show that Ash's training seems to go a long way for these guys, as they manage to take down evolved Pokémon in their basic forms. Props to him and his team for that.

1 Shouldn't Have: He's Just Not A Great Trainer

When it comes down to it, Ash never really cares about type advantage, constantly puts unevolved Pokémon into dangerous battles and just makes bad choices all around. These choices are the reason that he hasn't won any Pokémon Leagues up to this point.

Ash is simply not the best trainer out there. While he was able to clinch this League, it was due to luck quite a few times. If these lucky wins were removed, the victory would have felt a lot more deserved, which is a shame. But hey, at the end of the day at least Ash can finally say he is a Pokémon Master.

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