Pokémon: Ash Ketchum's Most Impressive Captures

It's been a wild month for Pokémon. Not only did we see a new evolution for a classic Pokémon, but everyone's favorite Pokémon trainer finally won a Pokémon League. So, with Ash Ketchum love still in the air, we decided to take a look back at the ten best captures Ash has ever performed. He might not have been catching them all, but he's caught' en a pretty respectable amount of Pokémon. However, we're not counting the Pokémon that decided to join him with no battle, nor any of his Pokémon that hatched from an egg.

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10 Caterpie

Everyone's first Pokémon will always hold a special place in the hearts of every trainer. Be it a Pidgey, Nidoran, or what have you, it's a big deal when you finally caught your first one. After failing to capture a Pokémon in the very first episode, Ash was finally able to capture his first creature in Caterpie. Unlike other Pokémon he's caught, Ash didn't need to weaken Caterpie. He just threw a Pokeball, and the was that. Sure, Caterpie isn't a strong Pokémon, but very few can catch one on their first go around.

9 Muk

It can tough for a trainer to capture a Pokémon in their first form, and it's even more difficult to catch one that's fully evolved. When a group of Grimer were mucking a local power station, preventing power from being generated to the local Pokémon Center, Ash and the gang had to help.

However, with Pikachu ill, the kids had no choice but to take them, along with their boss, Muk. With the aid of some Magnemite and Magneton, Pikachu was able to weaken Muk enough so Ash can use his Pokéball and catch the devious Pokémon. While Muk has become a valuable ally for Ash, he's mostly been played for laughs and hasn't been used in that many battles since his defeat in the Johto League Championship.

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8 Corphish

During some training in Dewford town, Ash and his friends were attacked by an unknown creature from underground. With some help from Pikachu, the creature was revealed to be a stubborn Corphish. While Pikachu tried, it was through Treecko—who we'll talk about later—and the training they've done that allowed Ash the chance to capture this tough crab.

While Corphish lacks the power and appeal of Kingler, the little guy has proven to be a powerful ally, Helping Ash in getting a few of his badges—especially his second and fourth ones.

7 Noctowl

Ash has always captured the local bird Pokemon that's appeared in every region (save for Alola). What makes Noctowl capture so impressive was that not only was Noctowl full evolved, but Noctowl was the only Shiny Pokemon Ash caught.

This tricky Pokemon first started by Hypnotising Pikachu, making him hit nothing around him. However, with Ash telling the little guy to listen to where Noctowl is coming from, Pikachu was able to strike Noctowl with a powerful Thunderbolt, giving Ash the chance to capture the Psychic/Flying Pokémon. Since then, Noctowl has been a powerful ally with Ash.

6 Krokorok

Krokorok is one of Ash's more interesting Pokemon. After meeting the big guy as a tiny Sandile with Sunglasses, Krockorok followed Ash for a long while, even after Pikachu sent it flying. Later on, it evolved and was still beaten by Ash.

However, after a few episodes, Krokorok and Pikachu were finally able to have a rematch. After a long battle, Pikachu still came out victorious. When all was said and done, Ash invited the Ground/Dark-type Pokemon to join him, which it accepted. Later on, Krokorok evolved into Krookodile, making this already strong Pokémon even more powerful.

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5 Taillow

As mentioned before, one of the recurring things to happen in Pokémon is that Ash catches the first Bird Pokémon in that region. When Ash first encountered Taillow, it was the leader of a flock of some pretty vicious Taillows. Despite using Pikachu, it wasn't until Brock came in and saved the group.

Taillow then came by itself, as part of a scheme by Team Rocket, where Ash and Pikachu had an explosive rematch. Worried that Taillow may over-exert itself, Brock tells Ash to capture Taillow to prevent any more damage to the poor creature. Luckily, this stubborn Bird was weak enough for Ash to capture and was a reliable friend.

4 Pidgeotto

After Ash and Caterpie got into an argument with Misty, a wild Pidgeotto came in and interrupted the bickering children. To prove to Misty that Caterpie wasn't another disgusting Bug, he sent it against Pidgeotto, despite the type disadvantage. Because of this, Caterpie didn't last long. He later sent Pikachu to take on the bird Pokemon, and Pikachu was able to use his Thundershock to weaken Pidgeotto and allow Ash the chance to capture it.

Throughout the Kanto Region, Pidgeotto was one of Ash's most loyal and reliable Pokémon, aiding in numerous battles. Since them, Pidgeotto has evolved into a Pidgeot and has been leading a flock of Pidgey's and Pidgeotto's.

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3 Treecko

When Ash and the Gang encounter some wild Treecko, one of them stood out from the rest. This Treecko had a chip on its shoulder and a small stick in its mouth. After Ash helped the Pokeémon save it's home from Team Rocket, Treecko allowed Ash to battle it.

Despite using Pikachu, Ash managed to land a powerful Thunderbolt on the Grass Pokemon, while Treecko was in the air. Ash then threw a Pokeball and was able to capture the Grass Type. Since them, Treecko has become Ash's strongest Grass Types. While it could only use Pound for a while, It later learned Bullet Seed and eventually evolved into both Grovyle and Sceptile.

2 Primeape

When Ash and the gang are having a Picnic, a silly little Mankey comes and steals Ash's limited edition Hat. However, after Team Rocket pissed it off, the child-like Pig-Monkey Pokemon evolved into the Psychotic Primeape. After numerous attempts to escape from the Fighting Pokémon, Ash decided that enough is enough and challenged Primeape to a battle.

He first sends Bulbasaur and Squirtle to fight it, but none of their attacks manage to phase the Irate Primeape. He then sent Charmander, but even its fire attacks weren't enough to hurt Primeape. It wasn't until Charmander learned Rage that it finally was able to lay damage to Primeape, allowing Ash to capture it. While Primeape may have only stuck around for a few episodes, it showed off plenty of personality to make its mark.

1 Bulbasaur

Who else but the number one Pokemon? After Misty tries to capture an Oddish, it's saved by Bulbasaur. While Bulbasaur seemed like a vicious Pokemon, he only was doing it to protect the weaker Pokemon in a small village. After Ash saved it and its friends from Team Rocket, Bulbasaur wanted Ash to fight it to see if he was worthy.

After Pikachu used Thundershock, while Bulbasaur's Vine Whips grasped it, Ash used his Pokeball and caught it. Since then, Bulbasaur has been Ash's most loyal and mature Pokémon. He's helped out in numerous battle and has aided Professor Oak in taming wild Pokémon. He may be small, but he sure does pack a big personality.

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