Pokemon Announces New Animated Web Series

The story of Pokemon is getting a significant overhaul in the form of a new web series. Titled "Pokemon Generations," the new animated shorts seek to "shed new light on some timeless moments" from the Pokemon video games.

The trailer, which debuted Tuesday, gives us a quick glimpse into the world of this imaginative retelling. The scenes show some intense Pokemon bouts as the voiceover promises that audiences will "discover the untold stories," "witness the greatest battles" and "experience the epic world" of the Pokemon mythos "through new eyes." Whose eyes those are isn't made immediately clear, though there are a few shots of a familiar looking faceless protagonist throughout the trailer.


Concept art for the series gives an idea of the locales the stories will touch upon. There are sketches of Lumiose City in the Kalos region, Relic Castle in the Unova Region, and good old Viridian Forest from the Kanto region. The artwork even drops some hints about the cast of characters -- including some Team Plasma bad guys and Professor Sycamore, the charming yet eccentric researcher from "Pokemon X and Y."

"Pokemon Generations" will debut on the official Pokemon YouTube channel on September 16, 2016. The 3-5 minute episodes will be released weekly through December 23.

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