10 Incredible Poison Ivy Cosplays That Would Infatuate Batman

Poisonous, lustrous, and infatuating are just a few words to describe our environmentally conscious doctor and villain, Poison Ivy. There are quite a few cosplayers that possess these attributes and more in their creations. They are all beautiful in their own right and definitely would be able to infatuate Batman if they so choose.

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These women have talent and extraordinary photography, along with editing, done on their final product. On our list, we have cosplay from DC Bombshells, New 52, Batman & Robin, and a few creative and saucy renditions. These cosplays are enticing, sweet, and potentially poisonous. If you're itching to see who made the list, continue below!

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10 DC Bombshell Poison Ivy

With inspiration from the pin-up girl aesthetic and the 1950s comes the DC Bombshell Poison Ivy. In her story, Ivy is a French woman that ended up becoming a sort of slave to the Nazis. She escapes by creating a concoction used as a perfume. The only consequence is that the fragrance turned her skin green. This creation by misses_j._quinn, is vintage, yet it's got a daring and toxic sense to it; so enticing. We've even got the green skin! Misses_j._quinn must have taken hours to put on all that body paint. Fantastic work!

9 New 52 Poison Ivy


Along with the 2011 reboot of the DC Universe (a.k.a. The New 52) came a new version of Poison Ivy. She's fully covered (the first time since her creation in 1966) in a black suit with some Ivy leaves traveling up her body. Her ensemble is enticing without having to show all of her skin. This version appears in Birds of Prey.

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Ksana Stankevich is a Russian cosplayer that took The New 52 Poison Ivy and made it her own. Ivy has normal, light-colored skin, but Stankevich recreated her with absolute white skin with black markings on her face. Her creation is powerful, intimidating, yet inviting. Batman will surely tremble in his boots.

8 The Fair Lady Poison Ivy

Imagine walking through a calm forest and coming across Poison Ivy looking sweet and innocent. You'd feel comfortable approaching her, right? Of course, but, that would be your demise. The sweeter Ivy looks, the more dangerous she is. Pictured above is MoxieMegan Cosplay with design inspiration from fan artist Hannah Alexander. This cosplay is gentle, delicate, and stunning all in one. It's fun to have someone portray a sort of forest guardian version of Ivy the villainess.

7 Bikini Poison Ivy 

Is it spring or is it summer? We can't tell with this bikini design created by New Zealand cosplayer Lola V. This cosplay is so cute and looks ready to soak up the sun. Look out for Ivy on the beach Batman, she'll get you!

6 Variant of Classic Poison Ivy I

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Poison Ivy's classic look in comparison to her modern day look and variants was much more conservative. Over time after Ivy was created, her outfit became more revealing over time. Since her character has had the same staple of the green strapless leotard and simple green shoes, fans have gotten creative in all kinds of artistic mediums.

Destructagon Cosplay shows off her variation of the classic Poison Ivy look in the woods, a perfect place for an Ivy photoshoot. Outside of cosplay, Destructagon is a flight attendant, part of the Slytherin house, and is a self-proclaimed 'grey warden,' 'force user,' and 'elf.' She's also a writer that enjoys video games.

5 Queen Ivy

All hail Queen Ivy! We have an original design by Olivia Mears. Mears is a creator of "unconventional costumes," and is a judge for the Crown Champions of Cosplay competition and the Her Universe Fashion Show. This cosplay by Mears will certainly have Batman bowing to his new royal majesty, Poison Ivy.

4 Batman & Robin, Uma Thurman Poison Ivy

The most unique and iconic Poison Ivy ensemble was the one in the 1997 Batman & Robin film starring Uma Thurman. Her bodysuit is an interesting ombre green with red fingertips, her hair is long, red, and styled like she's about to party, and she has gorgeous eyepieces. This version of Poison Ivy is by far the most retro of all the renditions of our lovely villainess.

Alyson Tabbitha is almost a mirror image of Miss Thurman. She has the beauty and grace that fits this cosplay like no other. Batman and even Robin would feel nostalgic -- and a little weak in the knees.

3 Rosey Poison Ivy

Who says poison ivy (the plant) can't possess anything of beauty except for its pointy, textured leaves that make people itchy? We certainly can't complain about a more floral version of Ivy by panchancosplay.

Panchancosplay's look channels a sort of drag style with her makeup and obviously possesses elements of Poison Ivy. There a sort of sinister look to her that's bewitching. Batman will have a hard time resisting panchancosplay's rendition of Ivy.

2 Variant of Classic Poison Ivy II

Poison Ivy just got a little more lustrous and dark in this rendition of our environmental villainess. The deep reds and greens give a rich and vibrant look that's appealing to the eyes. With this kind of attention, we're certain Batman won't be able to resist a dark temptress.

Brazilian cosplayer Carol Pizarro is no stranger to design. She attends the Instituto Europeo di Design as a fashion designer. Outside of cosplay Pizarro is an equestrian rider.

1 Not Classic, But Most Popular Poison Ivy

Our top Poison Ivy cosplay that would infatuate Batman is the closest we'll get to the final version of the classic look we all know and love. Minus the leaf bracers, we'd have the true Poison Ivy we're most familiar with.

Shermie is a Brazilian cosplayer living in Spain. Her cosplay clearly defines Poison Ivy's character not only in looks in the elements of the final product. Ivy loves nature and Shermie's photo shows her embracing nature and nature embracing her. She has defined facial features, yet keeps a delicacy and poise about her, which is what Ivy radiates in her everyday character besides her criminal tendencies. Batman would find Shermie's creation to be not only realistic but irresistible.

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