Poet, Filmmaker, Graphic Novelist Join Forces to Create Award-Winning "The Imagination Manifesto"

Official Press Release

Bluewater and Canadian publisher Alchemical Press have teamed up on a couple of projects.

In July, THE IMAGINATION MANIFESTO which has already garnered a nomination for a Manitoba Book award in the Canadians home country. The hardcover contains four stories, each different in content, but linked to a central theme: What happens when the fears we imagine come to life? Created, written and illustrated by GMB Chomichuk ( Bluewater's Insane Jane: Avenging Star & 10th Muse) with poet John Toone ( From Out of Nowhere, Hope and the Walleye) and film maker James Rewucki ( Aegri Somnia: a Sick Man's Dreams).

The Imagination Manifesto , from which the publication gets its name, is an occult mystery action thriller about retired war-witch who must solve the last mystery of her carrier: Who killed the Queen of the World? The Tomorrow Society is tale about a group of time-travelers, each the master of a mysterious artifact, who must prevent all the ways the world the Ends. Aegri Somnia: A Sick Man's Dreams is the tale of Edgar, and man haunted by the ghost of his dead wife and the shadow things she has brought back with her from the beyond. Sixgun Quxote is the poetry of a homeless man trapped inside the myth of the old west.

Bluewater and Alchemical Press will release the hardcover with two covers as a co-production and it will be in stores in July. Diamond Comics Distributors has solicited with their trademark Certified Cool, which is a book specially earmarked for readers looking for something a little different.

Alchemical Press will also be taking on Bluewater's sold out horror series "Insane Jane". The series is described as Take youthful energy. Add in some over-active imagination. Mix in some powdered donuts. Sprinkle it with delusional disorder and you get ... Insane Jane! The kookiest action hero of the 21st century. Will Jane save the day? Will Jane destroy the world? Will she remember to take her medication? The series starts in August with a darker tone.

For more information, visit www.bluewaterprod.com.

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