Poe Dameron #14 Will Feature a Tribute to Carrie Fisher, Says Soule

In light of Carrie Fisher's passing, "Poe Dameron" scribe Charles Soule announced on Twitter that he planned to retool a scene in an upcoming issue to pay tribute to the late actress.

"There's a funeral in Poe Dameron #14, and Leia's present - writing that scene today. Wasn't originally about her, but now it will be," Soule wrote in the tweet.

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Written by Soule with art from Phil Noto, "Poe Dameron" follows Oscar Isaac's fan-favorite character from "Star Wars: The Force Awakens." The comic chronicles Poe's missions for the Resistance after General Leia Organa hand-picks him to lead a squadron of X-Wing fighters. The comic takes place before "The Force Awakens" and has revealed backstory for both the character and the movie.

Soule is not the only member of the "Star Wars" franchise to pay tribute to Fisher after her recent death. George Lucas and co-star Harrison Ford as well as Mark Hamill, Anthony Daniels, Peter Mayhew and more expressed their grief and condolences for her loss.

Noto, himself a big "Star Wars" fan, also released a new piece of artwork today to honor Fisher in her most famous role.


— Phil Noto (@philnoto) December 27, 2016

While no solicitation has been released for issue,  "Poe Dameron" #14 will be released sometime in early 2017.

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