Podcast #80

This is the 90th edition of The Pipeline Podcast, for new comics released on Wednesday, 11 October 2006.

Listen to or download the audio from here. (roughly 14 minutes, 7 MB)

Some quick notes right off the top:

  • If you missed it this past weekend, Jamie Tarquini and I spent an hour talking about the latest edition of PREVIEWS. It's turned out to be a very popular podcast, and one we hope to repeat in the future. Give it a listen.
  • I missed the obvious choice for #1 release of the week: Evan Dorkin's DORK #11 is out this week, and I missed it when I perused these listings. Sorry about that!
  • My apologies if the volume level is a little low on this podcast. I found the culprit for that and it will be fixed for next week.
  • Yes, I know the #10 book of the week is WORLDSTORM. I mistakenly called it "WildStorm" at the top of the show once. It's a darn shame, sometimes, that audio can't be edited as easily as text.

Stay tuned next week for a very special podcast, as I welcome Erik Larsen to the show to discuss THE SAVAGE DRAGON ARCHIVES Volume 1, as well as some Image Comics business.

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This week's top ten list:

  • WorldStorm #1
  • Gen13 #1
  • Wahoo Morris Book One TPB
  • Tom Strong Book Six HC
  • Bomb Queen II #1
  • Wolverine: Enemy of the State Complete Edition HC
  • Pulse Volume 3 Fear TPB
  • Stan Lee Meets Dr. Strange
  • Absolute Sandman Volume 1
  • Rock Bottom OGN

Show Notes:

Did I mention yet that Erik Larsen will be on this podcast next week? I really need to pimp that appearance.

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