Podcast #131

This is the 131st edition of The Pipeline Podcast, for new comics released on Wednesday, 08 August 2007.

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One quick note right off the top:

If you missed it this past weekend, I did an hour long podcast with Jamie Tarquini to discuss his first San Diego Comic Con experience. Subscribe to the feed to download it!

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This week's top ten list:

  • Tripwire 2007 Annual, $14.95
  • Black Metal Vol 1 GN, $11.95 (Oni)
  • 100 Bullets Vol 11 Once Upon A Crime TPB, $12.99
  • Powers #25, $3.95
  • EC Archives Two-fisted Tales Vol 2 HC, $49.95
  • Dynamo 5 #6, $3.50
  • Casanova #8, $1.99
  • Invincible Vol 3 Ultimate Coll HC, $34.99
  • Essential Dazzler Vol 1 TPB, $16.99
  • Boys #9 (resolicited), $2.99
  • New Avengers #33, $2.99
  • Criminal #8, $2.99
  • Alan Moore the Complete Wildcats TPB, $29.99

Show Notes:

The Beat story that I build an outrageous rumor out of can be found here.

This week's Pipeline Commentary and Review takes an early look at ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #112, the first issue with full art by Stuart Immonen. Plus, FIRST IN SPACE from Oni and MONSTER ATTACK NETWORK from AiT/PlanetLar.

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