Podcast #102

Welcome to the year two thousand seven. We begin it right with a new top ten list that includes a mega-crossover-event, a European album translated to English, the return of HELLSHOCK at last, more Jordi Bernet art, and a lot more.

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The Pipeline PREVIEWS Podcast is still delayed, but I'm working on it. The holiday schedules wreaked havoc on all of us. OK, it's mostly my fault, not Jamie's. Blame me.

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The Top Ten List for this show:

  • Perhapanauts Second Chances #3
  • CSI Dying In The Gutters #5
  • Hellshock Definitive Ed Vol 1 HC
  • All Star Superman #6
  • Iron Man Hypervelocity #1
  • Irredeemable Ant-Man #4
  • Savage Dragon #131
  • Jonah Hex #15
  • Glacial Period GN
  • Civil War #6 (Of 7)

Show Notes:

Mea culpa: Last week's release of THE SAVAGE DRAGON ARCHIVES should have been on the Top Ten list. This is the phone book edition of the first 25 or so issues of Erik Larsen's venerable Image series. It's what I had him on the show to talk about a couple of months ago, as a matter of fact!

Congrats to Chris Marshall on the 100th episode of The Collected Comics Library podcast, serving up a weekly dish of your favorite new trade paperback, hardcover, Masterwork, and Archive releases.

My early review of this week's CIVIL WAR #6 merited a special edition of the column.

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This week's Pipeline Commentary and Review column featured a review of Joe Quesada's DAREDEVIL: FATHER, and a look at Pipeline in 2006 and what that means for the direction of the column as it enters its 11th year in June.

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