Pocket God #17

Issue #17 signals big changes in the Pocket God world, at least as far as the Pygmy tribes are concerned.

A lot of comic companies say that, but we really mean it. As the story has progressed, it has gotten more detailed and complex. And so have the relationships between the characters. None more so than the relationship of Klik and Teela. They are each from a different tribe, but in each other they saw a common soul. And very quickly it has bound them together. But with the female tribe's regeneration gem broken, the females may be living on borrowed time for the first time ever. And anyone who has readPocket God knows that danger is always just a heartbeat away.

Klik and Teela's future together is full of bright promise, but it also has never been in more jeopardy. But does the danger come from the mysterious seaweed monster of the sea? Or something already on the island?

Pocket God #17 is Part 3 of the "Gem Cell Research" story arc. And if you think the ending is shocking, just wait until you see parts 4 & 5! The tribes will never be the same.

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