Pluto's not a planet? Plutonians strike back in 'Forgotten Planet'!

In 2006, Earth scientists revoked Pluto's status as a planet -- it's now a "dwarf planet," neither a planet nor a satellite -- and in the process sealed all of our fates.

In the upcoming graphic novel Forgotten Planet, the Plutonians are coming to Earth with payback on their mind, and the only one standing between us and them is a salty former mercenary named Cale Beckett who's trying to live out his last days in the Tanzanian outback. But as the Plutonians arrive, he must re-live his secret past a hired law officer on Pluto in the 1970s. His comrades from those days are being killed one by one, and so Beckett must return to the place he hoped to forget.

Forgotten Planet comes to you from Eagle-nominated writer Peter Rogers and artist Giancarlo Caracuzzo (Jonah Hex, Iron Man). The duo is using Kickstarter to help make this graphic novel a reality, hoping to raise £11,500 (roughly $15,500 American dollars). If successful, a majority of the money would go to the artist as a page rate, while the rest would go toward the book's production; the creators have partnered with the indie publisher Scar Comics for printing and distribution.

Here's a look at thew two covers for the graphic novel, as well as a sample of the interior work:

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