Jessica Jones: 15 Things In The Second Season That Make No Sense

Jessica Jones was one of the most unexpected additions to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In a world crowded with superheroes, she is the ultimate antihero: someone who walked away from the chance to be “super” and now just wants to live her life as a hardboiled private investigator. She still becomes a hero, though, albeit a reluctant one. Jessica is frequently dragged into a world of intrigue and superpowered violence, and that happens again in the second season. What follows is a wild ride where we learn more about Jessica and her best friend Trish as well as more about the origin of Jessica’s mysterious powers.

The show continues to lead with very strong performances that help to bring Jessica’s world to life. These performances are so strong, in fact, that fans often overlook an assortment of plot holes and mistakes. Sometimes, these are minor mistakes that only seem silly in hindsight. And some of them are plot-breaking holes that completely change how you’ll look back at this season. Don’t believe us? Fortunately, you don’t need to hire a hard-drinking private investigator to learn these secrets. Just keep scrolling to check out 15 plot holes and mistakes in Jessica Jones season two!

WARNING: Major spoilers for Jessica Jones season 2 ahead!


This one is really only a plot hole in hindsight. We see that Jessica Jones’ mother, Alisa, tries to focus on certain tasks (such as learning piano), but she still gets caught up in violent rages. In one particular scene, we see her utterly destroy the piano that she was playing. At the time, viewers didn’t really know the upper limit of her powers.

Later on, though, we see that she is vulnerable enough for things like bullet wounds.

This leaves us with a question: how could she destroy an entire sturdy piano with her bare fists and not have so much as a scratch? And for that matter, how can you destroy a piano without damaging any of the house around it? Maybe “selective vulnerability” is a secret superpower.


In some ways, the second season is a return to status quo for Jessica Jones. She is looked at as an object of pity and fear, and the only person that seems to have any gratitude for what she has done is a single sympathetic detective. Our question: why does nobody seem to remember Killgrave?

The first season focused on his reign of terror throughout the city. He terrorized an entire police station, there was a support group for his many victims, and so on. Jessica is widely known as his killer, but this only seems to feed the narrative in the show that she is dangerous and unhinged. Ultimately, this rings really hollow: she should have the gratitude of the entire police department, and the public should be as fond of her as they are, say, Daredevil or Luke Cage (who are also superpowered beings in the public eye).


A large part of the late-season drama involves Jessica’s attempts to get her mother into police custody. At one point, police actually shoot Alisa in the leg, but she still makes her escape. Later on, when she is focused on killing Trish, we see that blood has continued pouring out of her leg and puddled onto the floor.

Sure, it looks cool and dramatic, but it raises some questions.

One, isn’t she a quick healer? Two, didn’t she bandage this thing up? Despite both of these facts, her body is just pouring out blood from this wound, yet she is not really hurt or even slowed down in any way. It’s bizarre: she is both seriously injured and barely wounded at the exact same time!


Early in the second season, the show is deliberately vague as to who our villain really is. Is it the dangerous Simpson who has made his return? Dr. Koslov? Newcomer Dr. Karl, or possibly the new threat who seems to be a monster on the loose?

Eventually, we find out that the “villain” is Alisa, Jessica Jones’ mom, and that both of them were saved and given powers by Dr. Karl. Jessica and others pretty consistently say that Karl is a really bad guy, but we don’t see that evidence on-screen: he consistently acts out of love and concern for Alisa, and when he operates on Trish, she forces him to do so at gunpoint! Why can’t Jessica and the police chill and let this benign mad scientist enjoy his pot and his long walks on the beach?


Once Alisa is in custody, there is a big plot about Jessica trying to keep her there. The alternative is that she is sent to The Raft, which is a prison especially designed for those with powers. Alisa ends up taking a deal that lets her stay in the regular prison system (at least, until she breaks out), but our big question: why was she ever given this option in the first place?

A large part of the plot of Captain America: Civil War was that the government would have wide latitude when it comes to dealing with super-powered beings.

And in the eyes of the government, Alisa is a deranged killer who, as she herself notes, is one of the strongest women in the world.  No regular prison could ever contain her, so why was this option ever on the table?


Overall, Jessica Jones has a well-earned reputation for being the darkest addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, once Alisa is in jail, we get a storyline that’s dark even for this show: she is in the “care” of a prison guard who tortures her, and Jessica finds out that many of the people he has guarded before have died due to (alleged) suicide.

Our question: why does this guy still have a job? Even if his bosses believe that he had nothing to do with it, that’s a bunch of suicides on his watch. And Jessica ends up overhearing several guards talking about what an unstable freak this guy was. So why did a guy with a shady history with prisoners and a terrible reputation end up in charge of the most dangerous prisoner?


Okay, we’ll own up that this next one is more of a nitpick. But it’s a big one, and it only gets bigger the more you focus on it. We find out through flashbacks that Trish had a burgeoning music career, including a hit song, a big label, and a major tour that was planned and advertised. So why are we just now hearing about this?

In the first season, people only seem aware of Trish from her Patsy Walker TV show days or her current career as a radio personality.

If people reference her past at all, it’s simply to say “It’s Patsy!” It stands to reason that someone would talk about her “Cray Cray” song, or that the couple early in this season would ask her to sing that song. As it is, her wannabe music star dream seems to come out of nowhere!


Speaking of things that come out of nowhere: what the hell was up with Trish’s sudden need to have superpowers? There is a prolonged plot of her using an inhaler of combat enhancement that she got from Simpson, and she undergoes experimental surgery to try to get powers. And the reason she gives is that she grew up feeling powerless (what with the abusive mother and adopted sister with actual superpowers).

However, none of this was on display back in the first season. She didn’t become a junkie for Simpson’s weird pills, nor did she go on a mad quest for a mad scientist to give her some kind of powers. All that seems to pop up in the second season for no real reason. To make it more confusing, it seems the surgery worked, so audiences are meant to go from condemning her recklessness to cheering a new superhero?


This is another one of those plot holes that you only really see when you’ve finished the season. Remember Simpson’s brief appearance? He tries to protect Trish from Alisa, but Trish ends up shooting him in the leg. He’s still pretty mobile, though, but ends up getting killed by the stronger and faster Alisa.

Later on, though, we see Alisa get shot through the foot, and the wound really lingers (despite her enhanced biology).

Looking back, it seems like Simpson’s combat enhancer made him as tough as her, or maybe even tougher (in terms of getting shot, at least). This almost undercuts the whole plot about relying on Dr. Karl to give superpowers via risky surgery if Dr. Koslov can give them to you in an inhaler! It also makes it seem like Trish was in very little danger for the times she was using the inhaler.


If you’re anything like us, you spent a fair bit of season two yelling at Trish for her erratic behavior and insane logic. It all comes to a head at the end of the season when she shoots Alisa in cold blood. Her logic is that she was defending Jessica from the police who would have shot them both on sight. This is, in a word, crazy. At the time of the shooting, Jessica and her mom are simply sitting in a Ferris wheel. Neither of them are presenting a threat to anyone.

Even if the police were inclined to immediately shoot, a trained officer would be able to shoot Alisa without shooting Jessica, just as Trish did. Throw in the fact that some cops are still sympathetic to Jessica Jones and the idea she would be summarily executed by them is crazier than ever!


By this point, MCU fans have made their peace with the fact that the Netflix MCU shows might as well be on a different plan from other shows and movies. There is very little in the way of references and pretty much zero crossover.

However, this season forced us to ask: why was S.H.I.E.L.D. sleeping on IGH?

In the present day, we understand that S.H.I.E.L.D. has been publicly disbanded, while Coulson and his team are having weird, timey-wimey adventures. However, Dr. Karl, Dr. Koslov, and IGH apparently did experiments for many, many years. They were conquering death and creating metahumans and S.H.I.E.L.D. never investigated, despite that kind of being their whole deal? We’re not buying it. Throw in the fact that Hydra had infiltrated S.H.I.E.L.D. long ago and it’s doubly weird that no one recruited IGH for some nefarious purpose or another.


In general, we really liked Dr. Karl. He was a likeable hippie who seemed to genuinely believe he was improving lives, and as we said, most of the bad stuff he does in this season is stuff he was forced into doing. However, the fact that he ever worked with Dr. Koslov basically makes zero sense.

If you’ll remember, Dr. Karl makes a big deal out of not trusting the whole military-industrial complex (kinda comes with the hippie territory). This is why he does experimentation in small teams or on his own and tries to stay under the radar. Nonetheless, he once worked with Dr. Koslov. We don’t know much about Dr. Koslov except that he’s all about enhancing soldiers like he did with Simpson. He’s the exact opposite of Karl, so why did Karl ever collaborate with him?


Look, we get it: if you spend too much time yelling at fictional police officers for stupid mistakes, you’ll never be able to enjoy an episode of TV. However, sometimes the mistakes are so silly that it takes you right out of the episode you are watching.

In this case: why did nobody cover the exits of the restaurant where Jessica and her apartment super were talking?

She realizes they have followed him there to try to track Jessica and find Alisa. They’ve got disguised officers hidden throughout the restaurant and, presumably, out front as well. Jessica then runs through the restaurant and manages to escape through the back door, leaving a comical trail of cops chasing her. It’s a fun scene, but if you’re trying to contain a suspect who is inside, wouldn’t you cover every single exit? One or two cops outside the back and they’d catch her!


Clearly, the second season of Jessica Jones takes place after the incident with The Hand in the first (and possibly only) season of The Defenders, but if you had no interest in the series that brought together most of the Marvel Netflix heroes together you wouldn't even know anything happened. Basically, why was there almost no mention of anything that happened during The Defenders?

We get that this was a very personal story for Jessica, but what happened under New York City with Elektra and The Hand seems like a pretty big deal (maybe second to what happened in the first Avengers movie?), so why was there not only a lack of mention of the incident, but of the heroes she teamed up with? Instead, all we get is an appearance by Foggy. Yay.


In this season, we are treated to some truly unsettling flashbacks (and no, we’re not just talking about Trish’s “Cray Cray” song). We see that at one point, Alisa finds college dropout Jessica while she is at a bar waiting for her boyfriend. Soon, Alisa discovers that the boyfriend is willing to exploit Jessica’s powers to cover debts he owes and she immediately kills the man. Shortly before this, though, Jessica actually sees her mom and has a brief interaction with her.

Given this, it’s weird that she never remembers this interaction until her mom tells her about it. 

Considering how intensely Jessica studies the face of Alisa early on and her career as a hardcore private detective, the idea that this could just slip by her is fairly insane!

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