Revel In The Master Of Magnetism's Power With This Magneto Statue


While the X-Men have always had a colorful and iconic rogues gallery, there are few villains who are equally as important as our mutant heroes. Magneto, the bad guy turned good guy turned bad again about a hundred times over, is one character that will forver remain integral to the X-Men franchise.

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With the X-Men making a comeback these days, it feels as though merchandising and marketing surrounding the franchise has increased as well, and now Play Arts Kai Marvel has revealed the first official images of its Variant Magneto figurine.

The dramatically designed Magneto will stand at 10″ tall. The deluxe figure includes a plastic cape (it does not look to be removable), a swap-out faceplate, interchangeable hands, and two effects pieces. As with all Play Arts Kai figures, Magneto will also include a figure stand.

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North American release details are not available, but the figure is scheduled for Japanese release in August. Play Arts Variant Magneto will be priced at 15,984 Yen (about $145 USD). Until then, you can get your Magneto fix later this month when he arrives in the upcoming “X-Men Blue” #1, hitting comic stores on April 12.

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