Platinum Studios Signs On With Hollywood Talent Agency

It's got to be a proud time for movie producer and comic book publisher Scott Michael Rosenberg: Platinum Studios, the comic book line created as an intellectual property farm for movie studios has been signed by talent agency ICM.

Platinum was created in 1997 by former Malibu Comics head honcho Rosenberg with a purposeful eye on the possibilities of multimedia licensing possibilities; for more than a decade, it's created or licensed comic material with the express purpose of future adaptation into movies, television or other forms of media without a blockbuster success, until Dreamworks announced that it would be making a movie based on early Platinum series Cowboys and Aliens. That announcement spurred the interest of the International Creative Management company, leading to yesterday's announcement.

In addition to Cowboys, Platinum has other projects in development in Hollywood, including movies with Underworld director Len Wiseman and Dr. Doolittle's Steve Carr.

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