Platinum Studios Launches "Hero By Night Diaries" On DruckDuck

Official Press Release

LOS ANGELES – Platinum Studios today announced the launch of the "Hero By Night Diaries" on the webcomics community, DrunkDuck . This prologue, by Comic Book Challenge winner DJ Coffman, introduces the world that appears in the "Hero By Night" print book in March.

This comes hot on the heels of Platinum's recent massively-successful release of "Cowboys & Aliens" on DrunkDuck and shows again Platinum's dedication to the webcomics medium.

"Platinum has a real belief in webcomics and from the moment I won the Challenge, having a web component to the story was a necessity to them," said Coffman. "The Diaries, while they're a stand-alone story of their own, are an integral part of the story line, bridging web and print comics in a way I've never seen before."

The "Hero by Night" comic story revolves around Jack King, who uncovers the lair of a long-vanished superhero in his apartment building and also finds the ring that gave that hero his powers. But when he tries to become the new Hero By Night, he runs afoul of the original's arch-enemies, and learns that being a real hero is tougher than he thought.

The prologue introduces readers to the original Hero By Night, from a diary that he kept.

"We were blown away by DJ's work from the moment we saw it at the Comic Book Challenge," said Scott Mitchell Rosenberg, Platinum's Chairman and CEO. "'Hero By Night' has all the making to be one of the iconic books of the new century."

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