Platinum Studios' <i>Atlantis Rising</i> Resurfaces With New Producer

Platinum Studios finally got its graphic novel Cowboys & Aliens turned into a movie after five years of attempts, and now it's hoping to do the same with Atlantis Rising.

The 2007 comic by Scott O. Brown and Tim Irwin, which focuses on mysterious underwater dwellers who have been around for centuries, was optioned by DreamWorks, with Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci attached, but that lapsed and now Platinum is going a different route.

According to Variety, the company is joining forces with producer Mark Canton to get the film made. Canton is not only a board member at Platinum but also chairman and CEO of Atmosphere Entertainment, which helped to bring Immortals and 300 to the big screen.

Canton says Atlantis Rising has the potential to be the next Men in Black, going on to describe it as "a dynamic, state-of-the-art action thriller."

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