Platinum Announces Special On-Line Session With "Jeremiah: The Last Empire" Writer

Official Press Release

Los Angeles, CA - June 7, 2004 - Comic Book Entertainment Company Platinum Studios, in association with the Jeremiah Portal, would like to announce a special on-line session with Andrew Foley, the writer of its upcoming comic book Jeremiah: The Last Empire. The session will take place Saturday, June 12, 2004 at 12 noon Pacific Time in a special chat room on Yahoo Chat. For more information on the time and location, please email the Jeremiah Portal Webmaster, Dan Forcey at dan@jeremiahportal.com. Mr. Foley will be discussing his work on the upcoming series and the effect it will have on the Jeremiah Universe as a whole.

Jeremiah: The Last Empire is based on the hit Showtime series Jeremiah, an MGM-financed, Platinum Studios produced television series airing on Showtime (in the U.S), adapted for television by Hugo award-winning writer/producer J. Michael Straczynski (creator of Babylon 5, Crusade) and based on the award-winning graphic novel series by Belgian comics creator Hermann Huppen released by Strip Art Features. Jeremiah-The Last Empire continues where the Showtime series leaves off, expanding the Jeremiah Universe, exploring settings that the series was not able to, and continuing to delve into the themes that make Jeremiah so compelling.

In addition to writing Jeremiah: The Last Empire, Andrew Foley is scripting a number of original graphic novels for Platinum Studios, including Age of Kings with artist Russell Hossain, and one for himself, Parting Ways, with artists Scott Mooney (www.moon-man.com) and Nick (X-Statix) Craine. He edited the online comics anthology Remote Views for Unbound Comics, and his paintings have been featured in galleries across his home province of Alberta, Canada. He currently resides with his fiancée in Edmonton, Alberta.

Headquartered in Beverly Hills, California, Platinum Studios was established in 1997 by Chairman Scott Mitchell Rosenberg following a successful, high-profile career in the comic book industry as creator and head of Malibu Comics, where he published a popular, innovative comics line including the Men In Black comic book, created by first-time comic writer Lowell Cunningham, which became a billion-dollar entertainment franchise.

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