Plastic Man Movie Plans Confirmed By Warner Bros.

Last week, reports surfaced that Warner Bros. was developing a Plastic Man movie. Now, DC Daily has confirmed the film is officially underway, moving audiences one step closer to seeing Patrick "Eel" O'Brian on the big screen.

Very few details are available at this early stage, but screenwriter Amanda Idoko has signed on to pen a script that will give the film a "comedic, action-driven" framework. Idoko's previous work has been mainly in television (The Goldbergs, Bones).

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Plastic Man isn't one of the most recognizable names on DC's list of superheroes, but he has been making appearances in books since the 1940s. Originally created by Jack Cole for Quality Comics, O'Brian has become something of a cult favorite. He was introduced to a new audience in 1973 as part of the Super Friends television show, and he went on to have his own animated series for a short run in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Plastic Man has seen something of a resurgence in more recent years, with Grant Morrison writing him as a member of the Justice League and Mark Waid further developing his character in the Divided We Fall arc. Waid, Morrison, Greg Rucka and Geoff Johns are among the high-profile writers who have worked Plastic Man back into the public eye in the last decade, with his most recent incarnation happening in a limited series by Gail Simone this past summer.

Stay with CBR to learn more as details continue to emerge and the film moves closer to being realized.

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