Plastic Man, Elektra, Batman Beings: July 5th Comic Reel Wrap


DC's favorite crook-gone-good is allegedly headed to the big screen, and Insomniac Mania has some rumors on who's involved. Allegedly the Wachowski's (of "Matrix" fame) are at the helm, with fans voicing hopes for Bruce Campbell or Jim Carrey in the title role.


There's so many set visits to the Jennifer Garner-fueled spin off, the set must have a revolving door. First up, Latino Review visited the Vancouver location. Despite not getting some character names right ("Typhoon Mary"), they noted director Rob Bowman's cigar chomping direction and that stunt coordinator J.J. Macaro was impressed by how Garner doing 95% of her own stunts. "I'm in awe of her," Macaro says, "I've never worked with somebody who works as hard as she does. She's the ultimate professional." Their report also poses direct questions to the likes of producer Gary Foster, director Bowman, and actors Garner, Terrance Stamp and Goran Visnjic.

Meanwhile, Superhero Hype has posted two new installments (one, two of their visit to the set. The first link goes into some detail describing a fight scene between Mary and Elektra. The second describes the characters in brief strokes.


The official site for the state of Illinois has posted a release about the Chris Nolan-helmed Bat flick, saying perhaps boastfully, "Warner Brothers, will be filming all of the exterior scenes for the new Batman film starring Christian Bale as the caped crusader and Michael Caine as his butler Alfred, in Chicago. Interiors were built on stage in England. Chicago will be standing in for Gotham in this version being directed by Chris Nolan (Memento) whose brother lives in Chicago. When the script called for an underground road he immediately thought of Lower Wacker, which brought the project to Illinois. The work has expanded to include the Amstutz Highway in Waukegan and various Chicago area locales for 15-plus days." Knowing that some exterior shots were done in Iceland and at the hangars in England, its best to take the release's degree as hyperbole. There's also information on how to be an extra in the production at Be In The Movies.


Acccording to Sci Fi Wire, "King Arthur" star Clive Owen has already completed his role in the Frank Miller adaptation. "I've just finished working with Robert Rodriguez," Owen said. "What a smart, charming guy. He's got it down. He's got his own operation out there [in Austin, Texas]. He does it all his own way. He does everything himself. He's very fast, he has a great, great work ethic. It's a lovely time. It's very relaxed, but very disciplined as well. It's the healthiest environment in which to shoot a movie. He's very focused, and his people are very concentrated. But it's very relaxed and healthy."


McG still on board? Michael Bay a mere rumor? According to the Hollywood Reporter, that's exactly the case. "The rumor mill swirling around Warner Bros. Pictures' next installment of its 'Superman' franchise switched into overdrive Thursday when a Superman logo appeared on www.michaelbay.com, which bills itself as director Michael Bay's 'official' Web site. Although McG has been on board to direct the project since last summer, in recent weeks rumors have been circulating that there are problems between the studio and the 'Charlie's Angels' director over the location of the shoot, according to sources. That has sparked talk that Bay is in line to replace McG. A Warner Bros. spokesperson maintains that the studio is still very much in business with McG and that rumors about Bay's involvement are 'absolutely not true'; a WMA spokesperson confirmed that Bay has not been approached about the film. Bay said through a staffer that the site is operated by a fan and that he had no involvement in posting the logo. It remains unclear who put the tell-tale Superman logo on the site, but by 5 p.m. Thursday it had just as mysteriously disappeared."


Comics Continuum has titles, air dates and synopses for the five episodes of "Justice League Unlimited," which could be considered quite spoiler-esque.


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