Alex Ross' Plastic Man Cover Unveiled By Gail Simone

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When was the last time you looked in your inbox and saw some genuinely good news? For writer Gail Simone, such a moment came recently, when she received cover art for her upcoming Plastic Man miniseries that’s slated to launch this June. Simone had no idea the art was on the way, so its arrival was a genuine shock.

Simone is helming the Plastic Man miniseries at DC Comics along with her Birds of Prey collaborator Adriana Melo, but the cover art itself comes from Alex Ross. Ross has historically used his unique artistic stylings to bring an epic, painterly quality to the covers of Marvel and DC Comics, from Secret Empire variants to a reimagining of the Action Comics #1 cover. Now, he has brought those sensibilities to Simone and Melo’s Plastic Man.

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Simone’s six-issue Plastic Man was announced back in March, along the promise to return to the hero’s Golden Age roots. At the time, Simone described Plastic Man as “genuinely the first funny super hero,” whose humor was tinged with tragedy -- an element Simone said she was keen on exploring.

Plastic Man #1 by Gail Simone and Adriana Melo, with a variant cover by Amanda Conner, arrives in June from DC Comics.

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